~Snakes Eating Corn~

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  1. Since we have been such crappy weather in the DFW area lately I haven't been able to drive a whole lot. :(

    So I went for a cruise with "Skaarew04SVT" and we stopped in to fill up with some Corn Fuel at Classic Clean Fuels in Grapevine, TX. Race gas at the pump! Only $2.31 per gallon today. :rock:

    Had my camera with me and the light wasn't bad so I snapped a few pics and thought I would share.






    You can see they switched from the Corn on the side of the pumps to Switch Grass. That's because some Ethanol is being produced now from cellulose.

  2. Snakes eating grass?
  3. smoking grass?
  4. Well, it could be now that they are starting to make Ethanol out of switchgrass.

    Ummmm. No. :shrug:
  5. omg i see a little debri on your rear bumper!!! you better pull out that quick detailer :)
  6. It would only make sense for wild horses to eat grass or corn, but I'm still not sold on snakes eating these. :p
  7. Don't worry, I got it when I got home. :nice:

  8. Is there some trick you have, where you prevent your car from picking up dirt anywhere you go?:shrug:

    i never get sick of looking at your car :D

    The other termi is freaking clean too
  9. Looks great. :nice:

    Have you ever run the car at the track?
  10. very nicely detailed! What products do you use? I really like Poorboys world products!
  11. As always, your car looks great, Kevin! It was a great day for cruising in the Lone Star State!

    Thanks for the PM's about the corn a few months back!

  12. We came home from Austin today. Very nice day indeed.
  13. Gotta love Texas weather!!!!
  14. LOL. I only drive it when it's nice out so it is easy to keep clean. LOL... Thanks. :cheers: Erik does keep his car clean as well.

    No track times. I built this car strictly for the street. I have owned 5 other fox bodies before this car that I would race at the track but this car is a street car. Had a hard time rolling into it in 3rd yesterday @ 60 mph it just blew the tires off as soon as it saw boost. 700 RWHP is hard to hook on cool roads with street tires. Can't wait till it warms up a little more.

    I use the PoorBoys SSR line followed up by ClearKote's Red Moose Machine Glaze and Carnauba Moose Wax.

    It was a great day for cruising Mark. Supposed possibly get some more snow mix crap weather on Monday so the nice weather will only be short lived. :(

    Glad to help any time. :cheers:

    It was nice to see after all the crappy weather we have been having. It was depressing. LOL...

    Yeah, if you don't like it just wait a few minutes. LOL..... :rlaugh:
  16. Your car is one the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I could look at your pics for hours and just be in awe, car looks great man! :nice:
  17. you have the most famous terminator on the planet i see pics of that car on every mustang forum
  18. Those are some awesome shots!!Both Cobra's look sweet!
  19. any idea what ur friend used on his wheels, assuming they are chrome
  20. Well look at that. You do drive your car.....:D

    Both cars look great. The second to the last pic looks awesome :nice: