Snapped A Few Pick Churs

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  1. I spent two days cleaning and polishing the car. Used Mequiar's Ultimate Compound for initial prep then the Turtle Wax Black Box system to do the rest. I still have some water spots I need to work on but I'm happy with the initial results. I don't want to use any harsher abasive than the Ultimate Compound so I may need to go a few rounds to get it all done. It also took quite a bit of the hairline scratches out but I'd like to work at it more to see if I can get them all out.

    As a side note i took 3 hours cleaning the hood of my truck with a rubbing compound then the Turtle Wax stuff. The truck had some really bad water spots and it took some muscle to get it out but it looks pretty good. I need to do a bit of polish on it but all that hard work made a hugh difference.




  2. Always liked how these saleens looked. great looking car you have sir!
  3. Lookin good!
  4. All that work and you didn't use tire shine????????????????????????????????
  5. nice. :poo: how did u apply the compound?
  6. chemical guys water spot remover did wonders for me
  7. I was tired... :D

    By hand...probably should invest in some power tools.
  8. Very sick!!
    In my opinion, this is when Saleens where hot!
  9. Nice! Wish I had a Saleen. Wanna trade? :shrug:
  10. All that work and he took it off road :shrug:

    Looks great though!
  11. Looking good. Black looks sooo good when all shined up.
  12. :rlaugh:

    Yeah...I wanted to get some shots by the lake but it's in a soccer field. So I had to drive in a dirt lot to get to it.