Snapped Clutch Cable!

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  1. well it finally happened. after 13 mustangs and hearing stuff about aftermarket cable issues. I was forced to have the cobra towed home the other day while downshifting the cable snapped and the pedal fell to the floor. bogus. good news is it was from upr and they are going to warrenty the cable out and i kept my old stock one so i had a back up. it broke right off at the connection to the clutch fork.
  2. lucky to have that many and never have that issue before
  3. Sorry to hear that. Luckily I have never broken one either.

  4. I've broken every single aftermarket cable I've ever bought. But have never broken a single stock cable! Most times I was using an aftermarket due to swapping an auto to a 5 speed and just didn't have a stocker to use.
  5. I'm in the process of putting a T5 in mine and got a ford racing cable.. Snapping the cable is always on my mind though.
  6. Ford racing cable should not snap as likely as the aftermarket ones.
  7. MM is the only aftermarket i trust
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  8. I snapped an aftermarket cable as well, and put my 93,000 mile stock cable back in and never had another issue.
  9. Been there done that sucks. Having a little issue myself. I've already snapped one clutch cable about 5 months ago and now other day pedal felt sticky and felt a pop so I knew it was getting ready to snap again. Got 1st cable from autozone but beginning to wander if I should buy steeda cable since have steeda firewall adjuster and steeda dual quadrant underneath dash. Is the steeda cable that much longer? Or could something else be happening to cause clutch cable to get twisted up?
  10. Buy whatever quadrant and FWA you like. Stick however, with an OEM style cable (MM sells the OEM style).

    If you're running aftermarket headers, buy the cable for the 94/95. They're longer and you can route them for more clearance.
  11. Another vote for OEM. Towed home? No one ever taught you to drive without the 3rd pedal?
  12. Yea I've had several people tell me to stick with oem even with running aftermarket adjuster. Thanks again for advise!! Was thinking sticky pedal came from throw out bearing being worn out so just trying to figure out what to do ha
  13. I still think the BBK cable is the best. All the others get the bracket wrong and it interferes with longtubes. The last one I bought was a Steeda, and I had to take the bracket off of it, and put the old BBK bracket on it.

    My clutch slave cylinder got a catastrophic leak on my truck at 4am in the morning on my way to work. I had to start it in gear and drive it 43 miles without a clutch to work. I was on probation with the airline at the time and couldn't miss work. That sucked.

  14. Oh wow that's a crazy situation!! Yea I've got slp mid lengths on mine so defiantly don't need anything interfering. Me being picky and this happening twice wanted to make sure something else wasn't causing cable to get twisted up. I had thought throw out bearing was sticking but then remembered worn out throw out bearing usually makes groaning or chattering noise
  15. I guess it's no coincidence that the BBK is the most expensive either.

  16. I've been there too. Went back to my old OEM cable.