Sneak Peak - 2006 Mustang Convertible

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  1. The newly introduced Ford Mustang will add the convertible version to their lineup later this year as 2006 models. The Mustang covers its 2-plus-2 passenger seating arrangement with a fully automatic soft top, like many import models. You simply have to push a button to open the roof, push a button to close it. Popular Mechanics.

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  2. It looks like it has german camo from WWII.
  3. It needs a gun turret!
  4. From that pic..

  5. lol how can u give it a thumbs down with all that crap all over it and the horrible camera shot?
  6. WTF, they're not producing it with the styling bar????

    it looked so much better with the styling bar......
  7. that's a really old picture. it turned out to be the prototype (concept) of the '05 model. it was released a long time ago when the rumors of the redesigned 'stang was coming out.
  8. That picture is old as hell, that came out like late 03.