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  1. Again, from what I've read on other forums the support and help files for the the system are not up to the level of the offerings from SCT & Diablosport. I've also read their customer support has been an issue for some filks too. If you'd like I can go and search the other forums for the specific threads and post links if that is what you want.

    I've moved this thread to the "Talk" section since you feel I'm only posting to increase my "count". Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

  2. I am trying to prevent people from getting bad data. Moderator or not we should all try to help each other with experience and leave the here say to import forums. I appreciate you adjusting your comments to include specific information and now we can use this thread for further research. I am mostly interested in this thread because I think sct and diablo have a stronghold on the tuner market and they like to tie our hands on our tuners. Perfect example, I had an sct xcalibrator 2 I bought for my mach 1. I changed thge gears to 4.30's along with other mods. When I sold the car, I HAD to give the guy my tuner because if I pulled the tune, his speedo would be off (did not think that would be right). I contacted SCT and asked for any knid of relief, i.e. allow me to keep my tuner and maybe pay for a recalibration to my new car. No such luck. The new sniper software will allow me to use it on up to 2 cars, and I can create an unlimited number of tunes instead of paying someone to 'Allow me to use MY tuner'. I personnally would like to know if anyone has personnally experienced any issues with this software. Up to this point I have yet to see someone who has. Anyone?
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    First off Dude, U.M. is the man and has probably read alot more threads on this than you have so he is posting based on what he read. I wouldn't expect him to have kept track of every thread he has seen but you can use the search yourself.

    2nd, handheld tuners like the Predator and the Xcal HAVE to be linked to a vin or they would never sell any and be out of business. If you could use it on as many cars as you wanted why not just Ebay it when you were done and so on and so forth.

    Last, the vast majority of reputable tuners use either the Predator or the Xcal, for good or bad, those are the facts. Yeah the software gives you gobs of options and yeah you can tune it on your computer but without a wideband and lots of experience all those options are not going to do you much good. Trial and error tuning is not exactly safe, but thats just me and its your motor.
  4. O.K. Thanks for that touching speech, but your input does not help anyone. What he read is somewhat helpful, but he only just revised that in his last post which I already thanked him for. But again it is here say information so thus does not answer the question fully. Secondly, they only HAVE to be tied to one vehicle because THEY set the standards. Sniper allows, as stated in my previous post, two vehicles to be tuned with unlimited tunes each. Also you can BUY what they call bullets which allow for more. So you see they still make money and the consumer does not loose out of all of their money. To me, that just makes perfect sense. I can't speak for you, but I like my money and would like to buy one programer for all of my vehicles.

    Lastly, your statement "the vast majority of reputable tuners use either the Predator or the Xcal, for good or bad, those are the facts." doesn't say anything about the sniper software, in fact some really well known tuners are adding this software to their shelves. YOu must keep in mind this is new software, so it will take time to spread. But I bet you will see a huge growth in sales if they maintain their options. What makes you think this software is "trial and error"? Reputable tuners are adding this and some already offer it. Your tune does not depend on the software nearly as much as it depends on who tunes it. If this is confusing, fine, but again please keep unfounded comments to yourself as they only deprive us of true knowledge.
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    ooooook sounds like you have it covered. :hail2:

    Didn't mean to interrupt the spreading of true knowledge.
  6. All I am trying to do is learn about this software and help others with my limited knowledge. If I can prevent the spread of bad knowledge, then I will do so. After all, that is what this forum is for, right?
  7. In your example (wanting to keep the tuner yet pass on the car with modifications to a new owner) you're just passing the headache to the new owner is all. What is the new owner supposed to do if he or she wants to make a change or add a new mod that would require further EEC calibrations? In your scenario you end up screwing the buyer because now they have a calibration that can no longer be modified easily, if at all. I know the Predator requires itself to be married to the stock calibration of the vehicle. What happens if the new owner attempts to download or save the modified calibration created by the Sniper into a different handheld tuner? Will it even allow it? You've taken the stock calibration away from the new owner and given them a new one they might not be able to modify unless they too purchase a Sniper.

    I look at these handheld tuners as just another mod like an x-pipe, CAI, or a set of gears. You bought it for use on the car and it should be considered part of the overall package, if you should sell the car you should give them the tuner to go along with the mods currently installed on the car.

    If you really want to only have to purchase one device to use for multiple vehicles why not purchase the Diablosport Revolution software, an EPROM burner, and a bunch of blanks. Then you can create tunes for multiple cars and burn them to chips.


  8. Ahhh, now we are getting somewhere. Discussion about facts. Yes I agree with your statement above with a few exceptions. The buyer would only be screwed if he ever had to go to the dealer and they had to reflash the computer. Then he would have to buy either a speedo calibrator, or a hand tuner of his own. I had planned on informing the buyer if that was going to be the case, besides it gives me the option of including it in the sale instead of making me give it to him because I am honest. What is the cost of the diablo sport revolution software? Is it of comparable cost as the Sniper software? I think we are transitioning into a valad thread for information and should maybe be moved back to tech. Thoughts?
  9. The Revolution software is expensive I'm sure. The only people I've ever seen use it are full time pro tuners. It's similar to what you get when purchasing the SCT Pro racer package. If I remember correctly the Revolution software is what they've been using to create tunes and burn chips for many years now. It may only be available to certified or authorized Diablosport techs/tuners for all I know. :shrug:

    I still feel that if you modified a car to the point where it required EEC claibrations that affected things like A/F ratio's, injector slopes, etc., and you updated the EEC with these changes via a flash tuner, and you were going to sell the car with these modifications intact, then it would only be fair to also offer the flash tuner as part of the deal.

    As for moving the thread... My post count is plenty inflated so maybe some tech postings without getting post count credit would be good for me... :D

  10. Well to be honest, I know the pro racer software is more than the sniper. I actually priced it a year or so ago, and it is in the 700-800 dollar range. Great at the time because not too many others out there. But now we have the question again, which really started the thread, has anyone ever used this software? I do intend on trying it unless I hear some factual information guiding me away. I will be sure to include this forum with any information I learn if I do try it. Hopefully we can answer the questions then.
  11. We have used the Sniper Special Forces software and Delta Force software for quite some time and it works as good as advertised. Since they are a new company and there isn't a "history" of sales yet, some people just assume it's garbage. I can remember when Diablo first came out and then when SCT first came out...people used to say they were garbage. As more people used their programmers/software more positive comments started to be made. The same thing will happen with the Sniper software. It's very good stuff and only time will prove that.
    What's really cool about their stuff is the features it has. Programming multiple vehicles, 1 part number covers all, end-user simplicity, etc... These are features the "other" guys don't have. But something tells me that one day they will. It's a great concept.
  12. Good info, that is what I was looking for someone to say. From my recent experience, I have used both diablosport predator and sct xcalibrator 2 and I can tell you from experience the predator gives the end user more options, it is easier to use, and overall seems to be a better tuner. I can't speak for the tuner side of the software as I have never used it, but as stated ablove it appears from the data provided by the manufacturers that the Sniper software has more options. I bet it will become the leader if the others don't wake up.
  13. tune???????

    Call amazon for yourself and tell them what you want and a millian dollars say's Rick or Lyn puts you in a SCT or Diablo tuner, also amazon I belive after your initial dyno tune will send you free upgrade tune's as long as you own the car, granted dyno tunes are the best tune you can get , but Rick is dam good and most likely will have you dead on the first time with a E tune.

    Just my 2 or 3 cents but we all have something we treat like a baby and would never want anything bad happen to it so why not go with a tuner that is proven, and as far as going with something that is a couple dollars cheaper in the long run (or short depending on the tuner) could be alot more costly to your wallet.:shrug:
  14. If either of us actually had the money I would bet what I have been saying and that is they will write you a tune in whatever software interface you desire. There is no impact of hardware on your car, the tune is all that matters. You can call them for free and they will tell you the same thing I just stated. I know this FACT because I have done my research and I asked many tuners including them and they all support what they sell. It does not matter what device you use, it only depends on the tuner.
  15. I've edited. I didn't see that I had already responded earlier.