snow kit....any luck??

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  1. bout the MAF kit from a buddy used a couple time he wasnt happy with it...looks like he didnt even have it hooked up right. he sold it for 200 anyone had any luck it???
  2. never heard of it =( what is it?
  3. Are you talking about the Snow water/methanol injection kit?
  4. yes i was in a hurry it is the snow water/meth kit..
  5. I've heard alot of good reports on the Snow kit. There are several vendors out there that produce injection kits. I've got a DIY article on my home computer on how to build your own. If I can find it, I'll post it up.
  6. ya i thought about building my own but i only paid 200 for it. so i got a 400 dollar kit for half price he said he didnt notice a diff on his combo so he took it off the same day he put it on...but from the snowperformance site looking at the wire diagram he didnt even have it hooked up right?? so maybe that is why he didnt notice anything..........
  7. Did you buy the Maf one?I also purchased the maf stage two for cheap but they sais it was for positive centrifugal supperchargers. I have a centrifugal u think it may work on my stang.
  8. Please explain to me why it wouldn't work?

    Did your friend increase boost along with adding the water/methanol? If not of course he wouldn't notice much of a difference.

    The whole point to an injection kit is to cool the boost so you can better keep detonation at bay.

    edit: unless he was already in the danger zone with his AFRs, it may have helped then. But if tuned safe, it shouldn't make a large difference in power if everything is kept the same. Oh, and it has been used by some people for fuel millage too. I guess they run their vehicles very lean, and keep the water injection on during certain engine loads to save fuel... I found that interesting.
  9. I think it didn't work for him because hes not pushing much boost to notice it. My concern was that On the snow performance website it said that the stage 2 maf boost cooler is for possitive displacement(roots supercharger) mine is a centrifugal and another friend said it may not work on mine properly. I dont see why It shouldn't work on my mustang.the one they recomend is the stage 2 boost cooler
  10. I just installed the Boost ref Snow kit and love the ease of installation and finish.

    On Meth its made no difference but haven't turned it up yet to actually see the difference. Basically I installed it, set it where I thought it needed to be and when it comes on it doesnt stumble or sputter. Stayed for more info this spring
  11. Also my kit brand new, with a case of Snow Boost Juice, and some upgraded parts cost about $500. So its definitely worth you giving it a shot for $200.
  12. You think my stage 2 maf boost cooler will work on my mustang?I have a centrifugal supercharger. The kit said it works great for fast spooling turbos and positive displacement bolwers.I dosn't say it won't work.
  13. hmm

    You do know that when you buy the Methanol injection kit you need to go have it tuned. The extra horsepower comes from the advanced timing available when using the methanol injection. Also you'll be able to safely run more boost and raise your rev limiter........didn't know if you knew that...theres really no turning it up..just let the shop tune it and advance your timing in place of does work...gained 27 hp on my 99 GT....later
  14. I was referring to boost which is already at 27psi. You lost me on the rev limiter though. I can't see where that would have much to do with running methanol or not. Either way I don't have a rev limiter and I think the 8200rpm that I've run it up to is probably as far as I should be going with it.

    Maybe you misundestood my post. I was saying I installed it and it didn't miss or sputter. I'll turn it up (the car) later on when its time to hit the dyno. I was happy it runs smooth and didn't slow down.

    view to see that when the time comes I'll set it on kill mode and see what happens. We are actually expecting to see a solid 50hp with the addition of the methanol simply because I can squeeze another 5-6psi out of it and I'm making right at 10hp per psi as it is.
  15. One thing that came to mind on the rev limiter is the fact that the EEC-IVs use a fuel cut. If you're boosting hard on the methanol and suddenly lose half or all of the base gasoline holding that up.....something is going to come out of the engine in pieces.

    .....just an FYI for those that do have an EEC with a rev limiter still there.

    I don't see any reason why a methanol kit wouldn't work just because it was advertised for some other application. All it has to do is spray into the intake tract at the right place and time.