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  1. I have to apologize to everyone here. I had always heard NEVER drive in the snow, blah, blah, blah. Never had any problems in light snow so I thought "wimps". Well, had to drive in 8 inches of snow today and all I can say to describe it is "HOLD ON, YEEEHAAAAW". I believe it is now time to think about buying a truck. I've got the Mustang for the daily driver, and will use the truck for snow.

    Anyone else have any interesting experiences happen in the snow?

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  2. Last week some snow hit, and the smallest hills (5% incline at most) were giving me problems because I couldn't get going from a stop. I put 240 Lbs. of sand in the trunk Friday, and now there's enough weight on those snow tires to get me going. I accepted a ride to work from my Dad today though, he picked me up in his Jeep Wrangler. :)

    The attached picture was taken about 6:55 this morning, and it's been snowing all day since then.

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  3. 8 in? that would give some trucks trouble
  4. I've been driving in snow and ice every winter since I could drive. I've had the stang as my daily driver for the past two years, and yes it is a little bit of a wild ride. this year has been much easier though because of the tlok I put in this summer, it helps out huge!
  5. I"m still looking into t-lock and blizzaks........right now I'm going sideways up the hills

    lots O Fun
  6. i like the hood scoop in the snow
  7. Lightweight car + RWD + snow and ice = bobsled

    Lightweight car + RWD + snow and ice = bobsled.

    The people that argue "RWD is better in snow and ice than FWD" etc... have never driven a lightweight RWD car in the snow and ice, never have driven a FWD car on the snow and ice, or they are retarted plain and simple.

    I grew up driving RWD and fortunatley most of the cars I have driven were heavy RWD cars, I have had the displeasure of drving in the snow with several lightweight RWD cars (Maverick, Monza, 2WD courrier pickup).... it sucks ass.

    If you don't want a truck just get a cheap middle weight beater FWD car like an old Taurus or Olds Cutlass Ciera etc..., they are great in the snow and ice with good tires.

    4WD trucks are expensive to insure and if it's a small pickup you'd better put sandbags in the bed when it snows heavy.

  8. With t-lock and blizzaks you'd upgrade to going sideways up more than slightly steep hills, instead of just any hill.
  9. I've found the perfect snow car.......get an old beater crown vic. Those things are like tanks when in comparison to a stang. Plus, they have pretty good engines. I'd love to hear one of those with opened up pipes.
  10. Seems like t-loks hurt in snow as opposed to helping traction. They are nice for just rain tho, but not snow and ice. I find it more difficult to stop in snow than to go so I usually ride the brakes way before I usually need to, but we don't get a whole lotta snow here in OK. Its usually a day of snow then it'll go away and that proces repeats a few times each winter.
  11. You guys are insane!! This winter compared to last winter without the tlok are like night and day. I don't worry about do a 360 in the middle of the highway cause one tire hits ice, I can actually make it through an intersection bofore the light turns red again. I totally notice the difference and no it isn't my driving style that has changed. My car was a hazard before even with my cautious driving style :D , trust me I notice a huge difference.
  12. I totally agree with Biotch. You guys are crazy when comparing stock to T-Lok and Blizzaks. I'll swear to the BLizzaks first and foremost! They are life savers.

    As far as other traction issues beyond T-Lok and tires, I say put a couple dead hookers in the trunk to help weigh it down. If you do drive a truck, get a tarp to throw it over them as well and tie it down cause those dead hookers tend to slide around in the bed a lot. :nice:
  13. the dead hookers.......did you get wal-mart or k-mart brand? The hookers in my area are kinda rare, so I might have to buy em still kicking, then stuff in the trunk. Are there laws against that, if I reduce crashes and increase traction??????
  14. I picked up my dead hookers at the local gas station. Suprisingly enough they still roll around in the back, and the trunks in our cars are pretty small.
  15. You get what you pay for. You got those dead hookers on-sale. They're the cheap $5 crack head hookers. They're hal the size as regular hookers. Try spending a little more on the next set of dead hookers. I'd suggest going down to the airport nex time and getting some nice full-sized hookers. They shouldn't roll around as much as the last set you got. :nice: