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  1. d'oh, and here i thought it meant that you thought he was stupid.... :nonono:

    damn hooked on phonics worked too well, somebody hit me in the head with a frying pan so I can be happy and understand the world again :banana:
  2. ...well, at least i knew he was just kidding :) :stupid: (can we get that sign to point to myself?)
  3. Took my car for a drive earlier before it started to snow hoping to get a few WOT sessions in before it became too crappy to drive her fast. I have my 275/40/17 Kuhmo's on my 17x9 Cobra rims... Man, once it started to snow and there was a light layer, I was slippin and slidin everywhere if I didn't take it -really- easy. When people said the Kuhmo's suck in the snow, they weren't kidding. :rlaugh: As I was heading back to school driving her was getting really bad, even gentle braking at a light would cause me to slide a few feet forward. 9" Kuhmo's = skates.

    I gotta go home next week and throw on my stock 16" with 225/55/16 Michelin Alpin's back on, I get such great traction with those.

    Kuhmo :nonono:
    Alpin snow tires :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: