**** snow....

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  1. Like I said... **** snow.:nonono:
  2. We are suppose to get some tonight. Where do you live?
  3. snow is great till you have to shovel it.

    73 and sunny here, 2 more weeks till spring break and the titty committee hit the streets of panama city beach again:nice:

    sorry guys I had to rub it in :D
  4. ahhhhhh! yeah but in 2 months the humidity will be unbarable!! :p
  5. I'm going up to rural Illinois tomorrow on a business trip. Sucks, i'm going from 78F degrees here, to an almost record -10F in that crap hole.

    Why would anyone live where it gets that cold?
  6. when you are playing in the water the humidity doesnt matter :D
    besides that is why god invented the air conditioner, after I get wasted at jimmy buffets andblowout my flip flops I can go crash in a nice cool bedroom. then I get the powerbill which will force me to drink some more. it's a vicious cycle
    it does get reaaallly hot though. in the middle of the summer I cant put my top down on my mustang. it's actually cooler with it up and the windows down. which really makes me want a nice cold beer or a hurricane. man I can smell the rum already
  7. i have the best of both worlds Sun fun and no humidity. San Diego! :cheers:

  8. And insane real estate and everything else prices
  9. :lol:

    i WANT snow.. its so cold why the heck not!

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  10. I live in Sandusky Ohio.... between Toledo and Cleveland on Lake Erie. We're under a Blizzard Warning until 7am tomorrow. I drove the GT to work this morning hoping it would hold off 'til 5 but it didn't. They sent us home early... I wouldn't even have been able to make it out of the parking lot. Snow is deeper than my car is high off the ground... sucks. I had to drive our shuttle van home tonight, VIVA LA CARAVAN!:nice:
  11. Southeastern Illinois, expecting 1-4" tonight. Already had freezing rain and sleet. First bad weather of the year, so shouldn't complain too much.

    I'll try to get some pics if we get any accumulation at all.
  12. (x) Times 1mill.... :nice:
  13. Im over in Kent, under Cleveland. This sucks I cant even see the building across the green. its like fog! :mad: my car definately isnt moving for a little while
  14. I hate your guts!! :mad:
  15. i heard most of ohio is shut down.... How long does it take you to get to ceider point like 5min ?... Takes me 1hr 30min...
  16. old news... i've had snow since november, every morning for the past month and a half has been -30C (-22) or below. hell i haven't even seen cement on my street for a solid 2 months. i have other hobbies that i do in this weather, thats why i live here. free outdoor hockey FTW
  17. snow sucks....the roads better be clear by saturday morning..or else im gonna be pissed.
  18. Without snow I get no skiing/snowboarding. I love the snow, but only for a season and then...... Mustang season!:banana:

    Gotta love the NW with actual mountains!
  19. your crazy......snow sucks :notnice:
  20. it snowed here today, about 3 inches. now were getting sleet