**** snow....

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  1. I walked to class today in sandals, shorts, and a T-shirt :nice:

    I sometimes have to throw jeans and a sweatshirt on in the morning. I get to drive my car constantly, and can go to the beach or Scuba dive almost any day I want :D

    Did I mention I love Florida?
  2. it started snowing here around 8am (or so i hear, i work nights and not awake by that time). its still snowing almost 12hrs later, and the wind doesnt help. thanks to this i get screwed out of 8hrs of work money. yippee.
  3. lets put it this way....my Cobra is coverd and the snow is above the bottom of the doors..
  4. its snowing like a mother here in chicago and they are talking about -30 winchills the next three nights when will spring come????????
  5. We're supposed to be getting as much as 1ft tonight and tomorrow. It's gonna be cool, I love big snows. If it's less than 4" it sucks.
  6. rochester is getting pounded right now15-20inchs supposidly, this is starting to get old fast....
  7. +1 except there isn't great snowbaording in winnipeg lol. but i have outdoor hockey rinks to play for free on (15 rinks within 10 mins of my house.) i played hockey with some guys from vancouver around new years and they were jelous of our outdoor rinks, someone from vancouver being jelous of winnipeg was weird lol
  8. Definitely! That would be a blast. I dont know how crazy I am for enjoying the snow and cold weather. Without it, I would not know why the warm weather is so good. I lived in Hawaii for a little bit and it ruined my "vacation" perspective about Hawaii and I was so appreciative of the four seasons afterwards. Only those who have not been on the mountain and enjoyed that side of nature while skiing or snowboarding would not enjoy it...
  9. Yeah, Tuesday my friend was in Ohio for school for our work n they had 4 inches of snow....There was no restaurants open, the one gas station they went to was out of gas, town was dead, no stores were open. and people were driving like 2mph. :shrug: Thats like a flurry for alot of us. I drove my car no matter whats on the ground, well i kinda have to since its my d/d but it's not like its hard anyway. just dont be stupid about it mostly n especially gotta watch out for the Other people, people that dont even no what countersteering means :( . Point being if a towns shut down doesnt mean it has alot of snow lol .....and its sad when people lose control in a weak, fwd, and we are fine with 200+, rwd, sports car, just cuz most of us know how to drive :nice:
  10. AMEN
  11. we got a few feet of it and I'm lovin it
  12. I wish we had 2 feet! We got/are getting the nasty stuff! 4 iches that is now freezing rain that will be snow again in a few hours. Taking the stang out would be suicide!!:nonono:
  13. yeah.....I got about 14 inches last night and there calling for another 20 inches today. Not tomention the 4 feet we got last week. I'll take some pics of the snow banks, there is beggining to be nowhere to go with the snow.
  14. Its snowing here now. I had to crawl though my hatch this morning, door locks and handles were frozen :bang:
  15. yeah doesn't take me long. if u know anything about the way to cedar point there is an over pass on rt 250 people go over t get to the entrance. i live right by that. so, technically i could walk to the entrance easily.
  16. Reminds me of the days before a garage. It was a common ritual when the rain came and the freezing temperatures. I almost did it to myself the other day when I went to the car wash when temps were 20 degrees. Luckily the sun was still out :D
  17. do any of you guys have to use a block heater?
  18. here's some pics of what my car looked like when I got to work this morning... sucks!!!!!!!:bs:

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  19. Good thing they saw it.....White car+stuck in snow=bang crash by plow truck!

    Hope you have a shovel!
  20. this is the childish **** you run into working at a car dealership. everyone wants to laugh, but if it happens to them then it's a completely different story. no one apologized for a stupid joke or asked if i needed help...:nonono: