So Cal 67 Coupe for sale

Discussion in 'Classic Mustangs For Sale' started by 2nd Mustang, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Time to let it go to someone else who will enjoy rowing the top loader 4-speed with Hurst T-shifter. I'm the third owner that I can tell. I've owned this car for 7 years and really do still enjoy driving it! It is by no means a show car, but still gets lots of compliments.

    It has a 302 with a single plane Torquemaster manifold, Holley 600 vacuum secondaries, full length headers with two turbo mufflers that exit out of the rear valance. The 302 has a mild Crane hydraulic cam with gold roller rockers and tall covers. The ignition has a Unilite conversion that was installed by the second owner and has never given me any problems in the last 7 years. When I first bought this car, I installed a new stock water pump, 160 thermostat, hoses, heater core and a new 4 row brass radiator. This car has never climbed past 190 degrees even in stop and go traffic in the summer. I also had a speed shop install a new Centerforce II clutch about two years ago.

    It also has 620 springs in front, sway bars front and rear and 3,25 limited slip.

    Except for a few hard lines, EVERYTHING in the braking system has been replaced recently. It has the Kelsey Hayes four piston discs in the front and the large Grand Torino station wagon backing plates and finned shoes in the rear.

    The battery is in the trunk.

    It has an alarm system.

    It is a manual non powering steering setup, power brakes and NO A.C.

    It has a new stock alternator and regulator.

    It has halogen headlights.

    The MSD6A box has died, so I just bypassed it. Yes, performance does suffer a little, but still has enough grunt power.

    The roof's paint has faded, but the rest of the car is in good shape.

    It does need other things taken care of if you want a perfect car, but it is still a good cruiser. This car has never been raced or on the track. It has been parked in the pit side parking at Pomona though. :D

    A change in life style is in the making. Actually recently retired and will be doing more camping, fishing and boating. I'm sure someone else will enjoy this car! :nice:

    The selling price is $6K cash and local pick up only.

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  2. Hello very interested in the car.
    Can you send more pics.

    I will pm you

    Many thanks Tony

  3. hi.

    i'm a new member, who has signed up to buy my first mustang project.
    please could you send more photos to my email address, along with pictures of the interior and underside.

    many kind regards
  4. Where in SoCal?
  5. Hacienda Heights in the San Gabriel Valley.
  6. Thanks to everyone who responded. I will try to accommodate your requests.

    I forgot to add that it has a 7 quart oil pan and a high volume oil pump. I may have forgotten other things, but age is my excuse. :rlaugh:

    I am going to try and be at the Pomona hot rod swap meet on January 17th, Sunday to sell the car also.
  7. More pics

    Just renewed registration today.




  8. Hi
    if it is still available can you please email me at [email protected]
    I am located in San Fernando valley

  9. PM sent. I'll be at the Pomona Fairgrounds swap meet tomorrow, Sunday. Thanks for looking.
  10. It's sold. Drove into the swap meet at about 5 A.M. and it was sold with cash in hand about 10 minutes later! :nice:

    Thanks to everyone who showed interest in the car.
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