Progress Thread So check this out (exhaust problem) and progress on the 89

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  1. Try using a ratchet strap and some heat to pull them in. Had to do it with my BBK long tubes..

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  2. Where did you get your drilled bolts, safety wire and safety wire pliers, if you don't mind my asking. :)
  3. Mr gasket sells bolts with safety wire

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  4. Sooooo,....Let me get this straight.

    This started as a thread about exhaust, but also has content revolving around a "I bought this car because..........." thread.
    You've stated how it has all this junk on it including a ,,,,,,,,,,(what was it,....a "perfect body and frame"?)

    Meanwhile,...I look back through it and notice NOT ONE PIC!
    Not a pic of a mismatched midpipe,....Not a pic of the pieces parts that made up a D.I.Y stroker kit to get 347 C.I., Not even a pic of the "perfect body or frame.

    S.T.F.U. to me the next time I post something w/o them, Worthless w/o pics boy.
  5. I'm an aircraft mechanic.
  6. LOL Mike... fair enough. I'll get some pics today. I've got it all loaded up on a car dolly to get it down to a muffler shop either tomorrow or tues.
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  7. I think it's only fair Noobz. You harassed Mike in his thread for pictures. :spot:

  8. I did... I was so busy busy yesterday trying to get things figured out that I didn't stop to take pics. Was fun trying to get the thing loaded up on the dolly solo too. :nonono: I'll get some camera phone pics today to put up.
  9. Do you mean the header collectors?
  10. madmike1157

    Ok... some quick shots:


    02 281 GT

    This one is for you. They're ARP, 6-sided that I used a drill press to put holes in. This one ended up being too short but the ones I used are just like it (only longer).
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  11. So you really took the time to drill a grade 5/8 header bolt so you could safety wire them?

    When I came to the south,...I used to use header gaskets and a slight smear of rtv to hold them in place ....sometimes.

    After changing my first set out in front of some of my new Yay hoo friends down here, I get told to throw away the stupid header gasket, and just use black, red, copper high heat RTV (take your pick) w/o the gasket....Allow the RTV to skin, install the header, tighten the bolts, and then retighten them after a run in,...and they never leak, and they never come loose...

    You boys from up North may got book learnin' You jus don't got no street smarts.:banana:
  12. way to rip him about the pics madmike1157 Im glad you keep him in line.

  13. I'm tellin ya... It didn't hardly take any time at all. I spent maybe 2 minutes doing the first one and getting it lined up. Once the vise was set, it took maybe 30 seconds per bolt. So I've got maybe 15 minutes total into bolt drilling. Add another 15 minutes for the trial and error with the first bolt that ended up being too short. My step dad (that's where the car is at in the pictures) has a pretty nice press.
  14.'ve obviously never run a set of MAC headers before. Try that method with them and after a week it'll sound like you forgot to put the bolts in at all.

  15. You shut your dirty whore moufs! :fuss:
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  16. Ah.. MAC headers. What moron designed those with the individual flanges that never line up even?

    I normally like to use 1" long allen head bolts with lock washers on all my headers if possible. Never have an issue with them backing out.

    @Noobz- nice score for $2000 Sir.
  17. I never understand other peoples' issues with loose header bolts and leaky gaskets. I'm going on like 6 or 7 years with the junk bolts my BBKs came with... No problem mon.
  18. When macs are new they usually line up fine.. Newbz I used a ratchet strap on the headers and heated them where the bend under the car no issues after. Fwiw your supposed to match BBK headers with their h-pipe the same with Mac

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13

  19. I may give this a shot. Thanks for the tip! :nice: