Progress Thread So check this out (exhaust problem) and progress on the 89

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  1. I had the same issue with my BBK LT's and the Short BBK H pipe not lining up. I took my H pipe to an exhaust shop and he spread them out just enough so they would bolt right up. Lucky for me though, he did not charge me any thing to do that.
  2. That's kinda what I'm thinking. The headers just look to me like the fit too damned good to mess with them. I think I'd rather modify the mid-pipe.

    I'm going to get back under there and take another look before decide for sure though.
  3. NO................. na na naaa nanaaaaa
  4. Noobz347 Figured I'd add my .02 as well. I have done both (heating and bending/modding midpipe) and have to say hands down that modding the midpipe is easier.

    I cut the each pipe on both sides about 6" apart and bolted it to the collectors then welded it back up. No problems. Heating the pipes took forever and lots of effort. Im all for lazy.
  5. I thought about crawling under there and trying the tie strap method RsStang mentioned above but WITHOUT the heat (I don't even have a decent torch here at my Mother's place). If I can get what I need from that, I'll bolt it up and let heat cycles to the reshaping. If I don't, then off to the muffler shop to have them cut and weld.
  6. You can also spread the h-pipe your self. Use a cinder block and a floor jack.

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  7. I have a bottle jack that fits perfectly in there. I haven't applied pressure to it/tried it yet because I thought the difference was just too great. Maybe a combination of the two will get me what I need though.
  8. Thanks! I've only found one place that has pre-drilled bolts, and they're kinda pricey. I'm an aircraft maintainer as well. I've been wanting to use safety wire ever since I had a header bolt back out from the last set that was on my car.
  9. Noobz i didnt see a box or no dam Walmart in those pics WTF! car looks good should have splurged on stage 8s put them on no more header leaks again atleast with mine
  10. Try these header bolts:

    Booth from Proform gave me a set of these header bolts to test on my car and all I can say is Dang I'm impressed. They work exactly as advertised. Not once have I had a bolt back out or loosen up. Whatever magic they used to design these things works, no fancy tools required with these either, just the wrench you tighten them with...
  11. Isn't that just a fancy lock washer? They look cool though.
  12. I like the idea of the bottle jack.
    I was going to suggest a porta-power, and that would be the exact same thing.
    Just push the pipes apart slowly so you don't invite a collapsed pipe or cracking.
    A bit of heat might be best if it looks like the strain is too much.
  13. It is a fancy lock washer, they can't come off the bolt since the threads are rolled after the washers are installed.
  14. thats what I thought, Again they look great. I've used SS Allen head bolts with lock washers for years already on my headers. Cost me about $30 from True Value for a set of 16 1' bolts and washers.
  15. Well... I got back under the car and did a lot of pulling, prodding, and had three strap winches in there trying to get it all to line up. There was just too much of a difference to make it work. Took it to an exhaust shop and they cut and added a couple sections to the mid-pipe and to one side (left I think) muffler and it all looks great. :)

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I tried just about every one to get it to work.
  16. Any of you dudes ever have a motor that pulled so much vacuum at idle that it made the valve cover gaskets sing?
  17. Sounds like a girl I used to know...
  18. something about sucking the chrome off a bumper hitch if I recall.......................
  19. Plugged PCV valve
  20. I think I may be on the track for a lot of it. It appears that the original owner blocked off a bunch of the old vac system. I'm slowly getting it arranged to something that resembles a functioning vac system.