Progress Thread So check this out (exhaust problem) and progress on the 89

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  1. Some updated pics as I go...

    Picked up a hood, hinges, prop bar, some interior pieces and parts, windshield washer reservoir and motor, coolant tank, and a bunch of other odds and ends. Still needs a lot of things but it's slowly getting better.

    2013-04-22_09-53-09_480.jpg 2013-04-22_09-53-23_688.jpg 2013-04-22_09-54-02_332.jpg 2013-04-22_09-54-30_958.jpg 2013-04-22_09-57-56_400.jpg 2013-04-22_09-58-11_851.jpg 2013-04-22_09-58-23_137.jpg 2013-04-22_10-02-30_95.jpg 2013-04-22_10-02-40_672.jpg 2013-04-22_10-02-55_397.jpg
  2. coming along nice! Such a naked engine- no A/C., smog, PS.. What's the controller for the SN95 fan? You may want to fab up a shield for the air filter so the alternator and fan wash isn't as bad.
  3. No controller for the fan as of yet. It's hot wired through a relay to the ignition. I've got two DCC controllers sitting in the garage at my place that I picked up at various times when folks sold them cheap. It will likely get one of those.

    The filter is also temporary. I stuck it on to road test the motor (which runs very well btw). I'm going to try getting my hands on a March airbox if I can so it pulls air out of the fender well. I tried finding a stock airbox bit all the junkyards near mother's place, had only 4 and 6 cyl mustangs to pull parts from.
  4. So here's a shot of the interior before I started putting things back together/tearing them apart. The more I looked, the more small pieces here and there that I found broken or deteriorated.

    So back to the junk yard I went. There's a 4 banger out there that appears to have been driven by a chick. A lot the pieces and parts look faded and weather worn but never messed with.


    So I took the entire center console out of that car. I see rookies in the classifieds all the time that are wanting to buy complete black interior in perfect condition but balk at the price when someone asks for what it's actually worth. :rolleyes:

    This is going to get stripped down, prepped, and dyed with VHT vinyl dye.

    More evidence that it was chick... I mean, who the hell puts this kind of cover on an arm rest???? :shrug:

    Here's a pic of the INSIDE of that cover and what it looked like new before sun fading. It didn't help at all... Still ugly as hell.

    Here's the good news: That cover has been on that arm rest for a looooooong time because the arm rest itself is nearly perfect. Just dirty.

    So I put the pieces and parts in the kitchen sink and cleaned it all with water and dish detergent. Hand dried it then left it out in the sun for about half an hour to air dry.

    Below is a pic of the center console sporting it's FIRST of two coatings/cleaning with the VHT vinyl prep. I coated it, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes then wiped it all off with micro-fiber towels till it all looked completely dry again. Lots of the blue factory dye comes off with the prep. I'm not worried about getting it all completely free of the original color. I just want to ensure that it's well prepped so that the new dye will sink in and take hold so that scratches don't show through.

    For those that don't know... THIS IS NOT PAINT. This is VHT Vinyl Dye. I'll be using Satin Black.

    I sprayed the stuff on THICK and let it do it's work. Don't leave it on for too long... It can warp the plastic. When you can run a fingernail across the surface and see thee original color start to come off then it's time to wipe it clean.

    This is after two-ish coats of the vinyl dye sprayed on VERY LIGHTLY with about 15 minutes between coats. This is where I stop today. I had about half a can lying around the garage and have 4 more on their way to my local O'Reilly's as we speak. Should be here sometime tomorrow. Would have liked to get a base coat down on the rest of the parts but it is what it is.
  5. I still have some spots where the OE color shows through but like I said... I had enough for two very light coats. I have a good base going.
  6. What's the benefit of dying plastic as opposed to painting?
  7. The dye penetrates where the paint just stays on the surface.
  8. I'll have to keep that in mind. I have OEM black stuff, but some will need some surface repair and re-paint.
  9. It does a better job of NOT revealing small scratches etc. when scratched or bumped after dying. This is my 3rd interior color change with the VHT. My first was SEVERAL years ago and it's holding up great. Sometimes I think I over-prep the surface (if there is such a thing) and that also has a lot to do with how well it holds up.
  10. Is that the right washer reservoir?
  11. hahaha... Good eye! Nope... That's the coolant reservoir and I got it off of an 86 6-banger. The battery is relocated to the rear so when I was at the JY, I figured... Why not?

    You'll see that the washer reservoir is in the usual place inside the fender.

    This coolant reservoir is a lot larger than the one that comes on our cars.
  12. I see now haha I was gonna say if you need the right one that I have a full assembly reservoir pump and hose
  13. Nice... I'll keep that in mind if something comes up where I think the battery needs to go back in the engine bay. Thanks! :)
  14. Yeah buddy
  15. RacEoHolic330

    Here's another excellent reason to use dye instead of paint:

    This is the armrest top that posted pics of. I dyed this yesterday.

  16. I'm pretty sure I have the exact same granite counter tops as you.
  17. The counters were Mediterranean Blue tiles when we bought the place. :puke:
  18. I think that color is called new venetian gold.
  19. The coolant reservoir off to the side looks much better.
    I didn't know you actually had a car noobz!:p
  20. I have a couple. :p