So Confused On Trick Flow Heads?

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  1. I want to buy trick flow heads and i go on summit racing and there are so many different ones. I want a head the will give around 330-350 rwhp with a good cam and intake with a 10 to one compression ratio. There are 170, 170 track heats, fast as cast 190, cnc 185, 205 cnc whats the difference and which one will give me the most power i am looking for?
  2. if you're going with a custom cam, call ED CURTIS at FTI and he can set u up with everything.
  3. ya i am going to either get a custom cam or a Anderson cam. but what about the heads? can anybody explain them to me in a nutshell
  4. Ed can do that too
  5. Does anybody know much about the heads?
  6. Dude you can can get 330 a lot cheaper than going that route. But its up to you.A good cam and gt 40 heads and gt 40 intake can get you what you are talking about with a good tune.
  7. i am pretty sure i dont want to go the cheapest rout possible. I want the best h/c/i combination i can get.
  8. You won't come anywhere close to 330-350rwhp with GT40 heads, intake and cam.

    Might crack 300rwhp if you're lucky....real lucky.
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  9. does any body know the best h/c/i that i can use to get 330-350 rwhp?
  10. you never mentioned what cubic inch motor your building ? with that being said......the fast 190 heads are good, they will support the power you are currently planning. they are great on small blocks . ..... on the other side, the 205cnc heads are badass, they will support almost any street car power level, and you wont find yourself needing bigger heads in the future, 302 or stroked 351, these heads will not dissapoint !
    best advise i can give- spend the most money you possibly can on cylinder heads
  11. i have a stock bottom end with 75000 miles. and i am getting 4.10 gears. So would i be better off with fast as cast 190 track heats or 185 cnc track heats
  12. Yes you can get 330 rwhp with the gt 40 set up. If you cant then you are a f'n moron and can't tune and build your crap right. A good 306 with that will make easy. But whatever, I just build crap like this all the time for people and dyno tune them. So I have no idea huh. A little porting and time and yes you can. What the hell do you think Ford's X302 crate motor is?

    But if you wdont want to do that the Trick Flow 170's and Trick flow track heat intake and the cam you talked about will do that for you just fine. There is a lot that goes into building a motor that people on here dont realize. yeah you can throw parts together and spend stupid amounts of money that you really dont need. Or you can take your time do your research and and the math to figure out your compression ratios and everything and have a good motor. Build what is going to make you happy and dont let other people tell you otherwise.

    You can PM me if you want more info bro. I will gladly tell you a few H/C/I setups that will work for you and you can choose what you like.

    If you want the best set up, In my opinion if you have a stock bottom end is AFR 185's and a Trick Flow stage 1 cam with the Trick Flow track heat intake, 24 lb injectors and mass air with a good tune.
  13. the fordx302 crate motor makes 340h.p at the FLYWHEEL, and it uses
    NOT regular gt40 heads. gt40's flow 170-180 cfm. 10 more than stock. " X" heads flow 240 cfm BIG DIFFERENCE
    if the OP want 330hp at the wheels he will need 400-425 at the flywheel.
    afr185 would work well with a stock 302 but it will require a healthy hyd roller to make 330 at the wheels
  14. Haha, a billion GT40 combos that struggle to make 275 to the tire, and this guy says 330 is easy...

    This is what you do: TW 190s or 185s, custom cam, compression, a Trick Flow "R" intake, all the supporting parts and you will likely be around your goal. Plan on revving the car, because 330 rwhp doesn't happen at 5500 rpm.

    Get on Trick Flow's website and surf around and see what they offer. There ARE a million different styles of TW heads. Just gotta get down and dirty and do the leg work to figure out what you want.
  15. will the trick flow r intake be too much for a hot street car. Isnt it set up for like 7000 rpm. I would like to shift my car at probably 6200-6500. and if i go with a custom cam or a anderson n-41 cam will i need to get the track heat heads with the dual valve springs?
  16. No :poo: *******! I know the difference between flywheel horsepower and rwhp. We have a dyno jet chasis dyno behind the shop. You guys are unreal. Trick flow R intake will will be to much for the street. Either head will work for what you want. Trick flow headsthat is whether you go street heat or track heat. AFR's are a hell of a lot better head than trick flow. but to each his own.
  17. 13.10 @ 109.33 thats slow as :poo:!
  18. my street motor has lightly worked super victor 9.5 carb'd intake. it is by no means too much for the street LOL. afr heads do well COMPARED TO OTHER INLINE HEADS. i own a set of solid roller 205's. but they are the bottle neck in my motor. I wish i had bought trickflows. canted valve heads work better period. and its proven by every dyno/flow comparison ever done. the only thing better about AFR is the PRICE hahaha. thats why i bought them !
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  19. Haha OK.
  20. so lxman what afr heads should i get then for 330 to 350 rwhp. also i have around $1500 to spend on heads