So Confused On Trick Flow Heads?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fiveohlover, May 24, 2012.

  1. about time lol
  2. This thread is both educational and entertaining.
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  5. I saw some chest thumping and some flaming, but I must have missed the educational part. Haha.
  6. Chest pounding is the only thing I saw in this thread. Clear all the ego fueled BS and this would likely be 10 posts long.
  7. Yay, we're all tollerable again. :hug:
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  8. ok back on topic. If i get the 190 fast as cast heads. should i get the track heats so that i have the better valve springs so i can have a bigger cam. and also is there any body that can give a ballpark estimate of the hp i will get with the set up i am going to buy. fast as cast 190 heads/ Anderson n-41 or tfs stage 2 cam or a custom cam like the 2, and a tfs track heat intake manifold.
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    yall ****es have some selective eyeballs. I never thumped my chest, rather humbled myself and asked to be taught. Guess it wasnt worth of mention though :shrug:
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  10. Maaaaan we aint talkin bout chu.
  11. Geez still on that crap. Just help the man out with his question. We have probably been driving this guy nuts. Sorry dude.
  12. ya this tread is worse than the girls in my high school
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  13. Just to give you an idea, this guy states he has "
    Stock explorer long block, heads not even as much as removed. TFS springs, retainers, locks, pushrods, Professional products Typhoon upper/lower, egr spacer and TB, BBK unequal length shorties, B-21 cam, Hybrid Cobra Maf, A9L ecm tuned by myself using Moates QH and BE. Flowtech h-pipe, underdrive pulleys, e-fan, 3.73 gears, z-code t-5, race readies open and short belt to bypass power steering pump. FRPP 1.6 roller rockers, FRPP aluminum driveshaft. Nothing fancy, just simple refinement." and he laid down 317rwhp and 346rwtq. So, with better heads and an intake that's better (someone correct me if I'm wrong) I think you should be at least 330rwhp.
  14. Nifty. Hope mine makes that much power when I'm done, but I won't hold my breath. :shrug:
  15. do i need track heat valves springs with the anderson n-41 cam? and is there a estimate of the hp that i will be making?
  16. im driving, what's the lift and duration of the n41?
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  19. Peter Puffer

    AFM N-51P 228/238 .499/.4976 w/ 1.6 rocker 110
  20. No you will not need upgraded springs.