So do u think they will fit?

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  1. Alright i just bought some OE concepts 17x9 replica cobra rs
    Im gonna be mounting 255/45s on em, cause thats what i got laying around.
    How hard do u guys think itll be to get them to fit? Im just curious, cause i will make them fit, no matter what :) Also, the car has sportlines up front and 'C' springs out back. Heres a pic of the car with stock ponies and 225/60's which do make it look a little lower than it really is
  2. ya they should...i just put nearly bald 275/40's all the way around on my 90...i just wanted to see how they looked and was very surprised to get them to rubbing unless its a big dip or something..
  3. I have 17x9 255/55's on my car and it only rubs with the wheel at full lock.. My car is also lowered 2 inches..
  4. I just put those on yesterday with 245/45/17 all around. Front rubs only at full lock. In the rear I had to flip the quad shocks, because it was rubbing just a bit and I think if I had anything bigger it would rub on the 2.5" exhaust, because there is only about less than 1/2" of space.
  5. seems like its hit or miss sometimes
    oh well, they will fit on my car, its just how much work itll take :)
    now if only i could afford to get it painted =/