So, Do You Think 2015's On The Horizon Means Killer Deals On 2014's This Spring?

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  1. When I bought my '04 Mach in the Spring of 2004, the all-new 2005 build was on the horizon and private dealerships where giving away GTs and Machs to make room for new inventory. I would love to get my hands on a new 2014ish 5.0L cheap. What are you guys seeing in the market?

    Thx in advance for your replies.

  2. Paid $32,500 for my '13 GT Premium with Brembo brakes, back up warning and comfort packages. That was about $6500 off. They're already dealing!
  3. Nice! When exactly did you buy it? I ask because I am anticipating April 2014 to be the month that dealerships with old stock get the itchy finger to move 2013's off of their lots; especially the private guys not under the Ford umbrella.

    Another question if I may and I'll do a search in a sec because this will also affect pricing. When can people start placing orders for 2015's?
  4. Question on this, there are a lot of dealers here advertising up to $7k off right on their website, will they actually sell me the car at that advertised price (I never qualify for any of the rebates Ford offers) or is that just a ploy to get me in the dealership then tell me they will only do $3k off since I never end up qualifying for any rebates?
  5. I also have a similar question. I would LOVE to own a 14 base model 5.0 6-speed for cheap. Based on my research it looks like has some good deals. I live in MN but am willing to travel if it meant a really good deal. I got an out the door quote on a 14 bare bones 5.0 for 27800 after fees and taxes.

    They had it broken down (email) as:
    MSRP - $32,090.00
    SALE - $24,677.00
    Freight - 895.00
    Processing Fee - $499.00

    I left out tax as I realize that varies based on what state you live in. What are everyone's thoughts? Is there a cheaper place to buy a 14 gt? Maybe a dealership with a slightly higher price but less freight and processing fees? I am looking for the best deal possible. Let me know your thoughts.

  6. Dealers will want to 1.) Clear out the old inventory to make way for the new 2015 models, and 2.) The more 13's/14's the dealer can sell then Ford is more likely to send them some 2015's that much sooner.
  7. I wouldn't mind gettin a 14 but, can't get this color wish they would bring it back for GT. I shopped along time before I scored the sunset gold color. I'm not sure about the 6 speed if their still having troubles with that chinese tranny. Maybe an Auto will be in the cards for me.
  8. Got my 14 Sterling Grey Premium with 19's in New Braunfels Tx for $7,300 off and 1.9% financing. Back up sensors, and a bunch of other stuff. The supply in the Houston and south Texas area is drying up. Wanted either red, but they only had Grey and Silver, I've had too many silver cars, so went with the Grey.
  9. I just bought a 2014 Mustang in Baltimore at Koons Ford; $27,698 with Georgia tax, tag, and dealer fees!
  10. Ford incentives / rebate packages.

    I got mine for 8k off. Dealer had marked down 3k and there were 5k worth of incentives from Ford at the time.

    Best way to determine what is going on is to search from this website:

    You will be able to see what the incentives are from Ford AND the best part of all is you can print off the window sticker!

    It's the only reason I was able to get mine for that price.. dealer didn't want to let it go.. but I had the window sticker and everything with the advertised price.
  11. I just bought a 2014 Mustang GT Premium 4 days ago it has the track package 3.73 gears brembo brakes MSRP was 39,900 I live in Tennessee and got 4,000 cash back and 0% for 60 months I ended up paying 34,000 after my X plan pricing
  12. sounds like a nice deal
  13. Paid $26.6K for 2014 GT Black with AutoTran. $4K in rebates and price match. Drove from Atlanta to Orlando!
  14. Other than the rebates are the dealers really giving these things away yet? With such limited allocation on 2015 and the delayed release of the new model we are still 6 months or so from seeing the 15's.
  15. Just purchased a used 2014 GT Premium with 450 miles on it after selling my '03 GT. I was going to wait until the fall to get a steal on a 2014 but decided to purchase now. There are very few '14 GT's in the Ohio area and the supply is drying up quick. Was willing to travel to a large Georgia dealership to pick one up and salesman claims he is selling 10 per week. Looks like the 2015 may be a love or hate relationship. Not like the 2005 which everyone wanted. Not many used 13's & 14's either. Will be interesting to see how the 2015 sells. Happy I pulled the trigger now instead of waiting!