So...hci, How Importantcis Tune.

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  1. So...I did HCI etc. The can is the xe282hr-12 and the heads are 190cc intake runners and 2.02/160 valves and 58cc combustion chamber. Edelbrock upper n lower and 70mm tb. It runs pretty good, how important is a tune?
  2. Well if you are still running the factory 19's and the proper maf sensor it will probably run but i wouldn't drive the car much. A tune is going to make sure that the car runs properly and has enough fuel and timing through the entire rpm range. You may want to upgrade the injectors to atleast 30's and the maf to go with the injectors if you haven't already. Also a tune will make sure that you get your moneys worth out of the HCI you just installed. To me it would be pointless to spend that kind of money and have a car that idles like crap and doesn't run well.

  3. Just curious, how much does it cost to get a custom tune?
  4. depends, i bought a moates quarterhorse from Willie at Dirty Dirty Racing for $349, free email tunes. BUT, you need to purchase Binary Editor from in order for your tunes to be updated
  5. Would be interested to see a before and after of stock vs tuning on either a dyno or the strip. I have a heads and cam setup using the stock tune also and have heard that just playing with fuel pressure will make it fine at WOT and I have heard you gain 30hp with a tune.
  6. It really all depends on the exact combination but I have found 15 to 40 horsepower tuning a na car. The more radical a combo the more I find I get with a tune

    How's the idle with the 282 cam on the SN computer?

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  7. 30 lb injectors are WAYY too big for that setup. 24's will do just fine. The 19's will actually support that kind of power but will be at their limit. Also, since the car is N/A he can drive it without issue. He's not going to break anything driving it without a tune. Yes, there's power being left on the table and yes drivability may not be as good as it can be but the engine will be fine.
  8. I been running my 331 for 2 yrs with just a power tune, adj timing, take it out and beat it some and doing plug chops, with 42 PSI on 24's and it runs the balls. Going by how it runs Id say its damn near spot on power wise. I still run the stock EEC and an RPM extender. I haven't bothered to dyno it as I know its running strong and it's gonna cost me 250.00 or more to find a few ponies at the most.
    If your feels lame than by all means a dyno run would be a good help tool, thats the way I see it.
  9. A tune is more important for driveability than power. You'll pick up a few extra ponies with a tune no doubt, but you'll be amazed how well the car idles and drives with a good tune. A lot of people push the Moates self tune, which is a good route. However, if you don't want to mess with it yourself, you can get a chip burned for about the same price, probably a little less.

  10. My car made an extra 16.2HP with a dyno tune after H/C/I. Basically just timing and fuel adjustments but only way to know which direction to go from dyno runs.