So, how can I help? :p Here ya go, Toadstang.

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  1. My boy is replacing his head gasket this weekend (here) and I wanted to help him. I don't have any expierence in this area really but I'd like to learn. I'm not mechanically challenged or anything but he's protective of his car so I think he's nervous about me helping :p If you tell me what to do then I would have no problem doing it. Ya think there's anything fairly simple I might be able to do without him going ape on me? :p That is... aside from lighting his cigarettes for him.... :nonono:
  2. Well, you could remove the accessorie belt ( just put a rachet + Socket ) on the tensior pully and lean on the rachet to take the tenion off the belt! You can disconnect the battery (always a good step!). take the screws outa the front timing belt cover. uh, you could spray some wd-40 on the exhuast manifold/header bolts. You can drain the water and the oil! You can make sure your b/f doesnt light up a cig when hes playing with the fuel rail :p lots of simple things you can easily do, thats where i started(minus the b/f!), everything else i just learned by watching! Good luck, dont loose any bolts ,screw, or nuts :nice:
  3. lol, thats my g/f :nice:
  4. Grab the beer and the snacks woman!
  5. :nonono:

    you better watch it or I'll come and "fix" YOUR car! :D

  6. Yay! thanks :p
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  8. **thinks to self** ahum, i bet toadstang hates me now , oh well hes got a wanting to be helpful girl, i guess were even :) *end thinking*
  9. I dont hate ya woodster, your car is too nice, er, gonna be. :p :nice:
  10. I would say She's a keeper for sure :nice:
  11. Yes she is. :nice:

  12. Awwwh, thanks! and thank ya Toadstang.

    And guess what! I did help today! Yay me
  13. Promise?