So How did everyone do for christmas?

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  1. Hope all are well! Only small problem we have is my Daughter is teething and has had a fever/been cranky for the last day and a half :(

    As for the holiday, I did pretty well!
    My Parents got me a vintage ford Gas tank bank, and a Quarter panel for my 65, so now I have everything to finish the body.
    Mary/Jillian got me A nice low slung creeper with a light/headrest, new Mechanix gloves, some tools, boxers, and most improtantly, the permission to get my XR7 :D

    My in-laws got me all new shocks for my 65.
    And My Sister in-law/Brother in-law got me the Granada outer tie rod ends I needed for my 65.

    So in all I did pretty good I think!

    So Post up, what did you get?
  2. I did awsome, Got new clothes (which i needed....the hollier than thou look is kind worn out if ya get my drift ;) ) and i got a makita die grinder, the size of this thing is amazin, i should be able to port like no other ! Also a few giftcertificats to various places including my home away from hom (in-n-out). Hope you guys have an awsome day with friends and family, and dont forget, JESUS is the reason for the season...he Always gives the Best gifts! :nice:
  3. I got a really sweet florescent drop light (2 bulbs, both on a seperate switch for diff brightness, few hooks, etc, old lights sucked blew lights way too much), a really nice subwoofer amp (alpine - 350 wrms), a panasonic dvd player, some clothes, a subsciption to 5.0 Mustang & Super fords, and a fewother odds and ends.

  4. Got some cloths, a really nice Seiko Kinetic watch, a couple of movies...The best is yet to come, Saterday I go and get my SVO and start to play with that :p
  5. alright I got a bill for school :nice:
    and I got my insurance bill for the Lightning :nice:
    Yes I was siked!

    Actually I got a few little simpson odds and ends and a week before christmas I got a Craftsman box and 250pc set to fill it with. Don't get any ideas It was 51% off. :D
  6. Jacket, gloves, Mustang calendar (ooooh January is awesome, silver Roush), 3/8" breaker bar, metric wrench set (both Craftsman, yay), some cash, and a couple books. My car is gonna be my biggest present this year, with the swap going down hopefully this weekend. :D

  7. i got new rims for my car,i have to pay for half tho. and thats it, i realy didnt want anything but rims.
  8. I got a $75 gift certificate to Advance Auto Parts, Mustang Calendar, subscription to 5.0, and a massive coffee table Mustang book called "40 Years". It's awesome, it even has a whole big chapter devoted to the SVO! :nice: A few other things too.

    I think I'll go to the parts store tomorrow and burn up those gift cards. :D
  9. got me a 93 turbo 2.3 stang. you probably don't know me, but might see me around cause it has a couple issues that i could use some help on
  10. I got a Sony Cybershot 3.2 MP digital camera, a Ford blanket, some clothes, lots of chocolate, some stuffed animals, a safety/first aid kit for my car, a Helly Hansen fleece, pyjamas, Mustang calendar and some polar fleece sheets for my bed (wow those rock mmm so soft...)

    Many car pics to come! :nice:
  11. Okay, here's a question - who got the Mustang calendar with the orange Boss 302 on the front? :D I got two of 'em, gonna return one for hopefully a muscle car calendar.

  12. Nah, I got the one with the Sonic Blue 03 Cobra on the front. :D
  13. I have one with a '70 Orange Mach 1.. "Classic Mustang". It has a '79 Pace so I had to buy it.
  14. Got a 34" Flat Screen HDTV. Great TV. Also got my car back from the shop with the 3.73 TracLoc installed. Leave two tracks at burnout now. Best Christmas yet.
  15. noooo!! don't smoke up the metrics!!!
  16. let see... I got clothes, jacket, socks, boxers, shioes, a cool convas tool bag with a carring strap (perfect for the JY's), candles, and probably some money still to come. this has been my best christmas yet and not for presents either... even though I got a hot pink hat!!! :banana:
  17. If I were smoking metrics, it would be a cross between crying and having the time of my life. Crying, becuase I can't afford to buy $200 tires. I know that radartec takes care of his car, and still manages to have plenty of fun though. :nice:
  18. My parents won't support modifications I do, however, I did get some 1/4" sockets, and a battery charger.
    I also got a ticket to go to disney world with the family, a 20" TV to replace my worn out 13", some clothes and other such things.
    As for none official chirstmas gifts to myself.... I have an appartment lined up for moving in mid January :D, and I built a new computer to replace the 400mhz I have been using. :rlaugh:
  19. Here are a few shots of what i got :) That I took with my new digital camera 5.0 Mega Pixels :nice: