So How did everyone do for christmas?

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  1. I've got some cash to fixed up my car, get a big kisses of my gf.. it could be ordinary for all of you, but I were happy of that gift.. :) , I've got a 24 of budweiser from my father.. hehe, one of my friend paid me a ticket to go snowboarding.. A fight with my bro.. lol

    Anyway, hope that you all got a great christmas, and great gifts!
    Have fun, enjoy , have some good time:)
  2. I got prince of persia and mariocart for the gamecube, 24 season 2 on DVD, a new lockblade, a couple shirts, a portable air tank. New Monster 2 guage jumpercables (20ft) :eek: 110 amp battery charger (ive been having issues with my battery on cold days) a brand new set of Diamond clear headlights, cornerlights, and parking lights (cant install yet due to cracked corner lens but pics will come), mustang calender, $25 best buy card and 50 dollars cash. And i actually had time to make progress with the turbo motor but i will post more about that later. It was a nice christmas. :nice:

  3. I had that problem...I fixed it with an optima red LMAO :nice:
  4. I got a 20" Apex Flatscreen, a kick-a** sounds system to go with it, a DVD player to add to it, and a bunch of DVD's, a steering wheel cover, a set of tools, clothes, and a $15 gift card for Wal-Mart, which will be spent on the Third Strike CD Ive been wanting. I also got the bill for my insurance, which I can't pay this month, but personally I think it should be an "insurance comany christmas gift" for the month of December, it should be free! :mad:
  5. i got some 94 gt tri bar wheels, the band of brothers box set, a set of tools, spark plugs and wires, and some orange county choppers wear.
  6. tri bars suck!!

    ;) I want to get mine powercoated gun metal but they need a little work before they could get done
  7. whats wrong with tri bars? i want to get mine powder coated balck with a polished lip. like the 93 cobra r wheels. :nice: they look spiffy on black cars i think. even just the silver color looks nice to.
  8. I ws given a 82 Mustang GT nose with airdam and foglight bar and a Tubular K-member for my Stang(okay I have to pay off the K-member but I have it back in my greedy little paws so I can fondle it).

    And with the good weather (45-50deg) I have been out getting frustrated trying to get the 80 Mustang nose off so I can mount the 82 GT nose. 24 year old nose doesnt want to relinquish its deathgrip on my car.
  9. I recived nothin. i would rather of spent it with the ones i love, instead i ended up working all by myself. :shrug: :(
  10. i got a gamecube and a few games. and i also got an EAA Siaga (which is an AK-47 Variant) No pistol grip to meet import standards. It is made in the original military AK facility in Russia.

  11. I got some good stuff, some of which I bought for my self:

    - 160GB hard drive (now i've got 280GB storage!!!)
    - Lots of gift cards
    - $70 (yeah lol)
    -7 mystery science theater 3000 eps (season 10 now 2 eps from completion)
    - more when I go home on leave
  12. i know it dosen't matter much to anyone but i got 262$
  13. sure we do.... dont we? :nice:
  14. Okay, remember I said I got a Mustang calendar? Well, that one was from my parents. I also got the same one from my aunt and uncle. Tonight two different friends gave me the same calendar as well! :rlaugh: Makes 4 of the same Stang calendar. :D I think I need more interests. :doh:

  15. Ha ha I hear ya Ash, I got three of the same calendar this year too. :doh:
  16. Got a gift card and finally got the Family Guy vol. 2 DVD set, and got some money that helped me buy an ipod. :nice:
  17. Various Cool Stuff, but to me the news is I got my Panhard Bar installed, new exhaust system in, finally swapped computers and the few little pin changes, lot's of underhood details completed on my LX, so I got a lot done during the holiday's. I can weld (mig) pretty decently now too.

    Glad to see all you guys did pretty well.