So, how hard is it to change rear end gears?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by JimTMich, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Anyone try this, or do you let the professional? I would like to swap out the stock 8.8 3.08 gears for 3.73's in my stick stock 95 gts.
  2. if you have the right tools and the know how then its not hard, if your not sure on how to do it and all you own is rachet set then your screwd. Im having a friend do mine this spring but hes got all the tools and hes done his gears before and they have been find for 3 yrs.
  3. IMO - When it comes to rear end gears, if you have to ask if you can do it, you should have someone else do it.

    It's cheaper to have someone else do it, than to do it yourself and buy the proper tools. Of course, it depends on how many times you are doing this...

  4. That's what I thought. I've re-built a lot stick transmissions, but there is nothing to shim in those. From what I have read, you need to shim things and press those big bearings on and off... shounds like it's out of my league. As for tools, the fanciest I get is a torque wrench.

    My local ford dealer said they wouldn't change them. They told me to see a specialist.... :bang:
  5. I wouldn't let Ford change my oil......... :owned:
  6. My Dad is the shop foreman at the local Ford dealership and just a few days ago, this one idiot did a brake job on an Econoline van and the people picked the van up and drove away. 2 minutes later, the lady calls, cussing on the phone because her tire fell off :rlaugh:. My Dad just laughed....that's what kind of service you get these days. You either get someone really good, or someone who is really bad.


  7. Nothing against your Dad dude!! Hell, my Dad has been a Honda mechanic for 25 years. It's just that dealership shops screw up ALL THE TIME....and BAD!!! I got tons of horror stories, as probably many of us here do.

    Dealership shops = Under trained, Over priced, Screw-ups waiting to happen :rolleyes:
  8. OK, found a speed shop

    O.K. found a speed shop not too far away.
    Street and Strip in Kalamazoo, MI.
    Says it woudl be about $420 parts, labor, oil, tax.
    Sounds good to me.
  9. No it's cool. I didn't take it that way at all, but I do know what you mean. My uncle is a Chevy guy and they are the only place I've never heard anything bad about, but I'm sure someone does.

  10. my buddy is an ase mechanic. he just changed the gears on his camaro. he also changed the bearings and did not have access to the proper press to get them off. he used a hammer and chissles to tap the bearings off the carrier. and back on too. very funny to watch! this was the only part he had trouble with. since this was his first change it took him about 4 hours. 1.5 hours just to get the bearngs on and off. the shim part looked easy and they make no noise. I myself would never attempt
  11. 250 is the price the shops charge around here in jacksonville
  12. That is about what it cost me in my part of the world.

    This is one mod that will put a big :D on your face for sure.

    Tell us about it after you get em in.