So how many 2.3Turbos do we have in here?

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  1. I was just wondering how many 2.3Turbo guys we have in here...there are alot of 2.3n/a (the clan i plan to be leaving real soon) which there is not problem, just wondering how many other unique fast4's there are on sn :)
  2. I used to be. :(
  3. I'm ALMOST there. I need like 3 more parts.
  4. I have 1 N/A 2.3
    1 Turbo 2.3
    and within 2 weeks I will have another turbo 2.3 so you might put me down for 2
  5. ill be sure to add that too the tally.....

    keep it up i4, me too...i need a la3 computer, and fuel pressure regulator, probly get a bov for christmas (crosses fingers*)

    i know theres more of you 2.3T's out there ,post up
  6. i am very close to having all the parts for my swap. future 2.3T here..

  7. i am in this thread.
  8. 1) 91 Turbo
    1) 85 SVO
    1) 85 Merkur
    1) 87 Merkur
    2) 85.5 Turbo Coupes
    1) Mustang Carb Turbo

    I guess that means I have 7 :rolleyes:
  9. I'll have one if by some grace of god I ever get my SVO here.... :bang:
  10. 1) 84 SVO
    2) 85 Merkur (sold first one and stinger got the last one)
    1) 88 Mustang coupe turbo (built for my girlfriend)
    1) 87 Turbocoupe gutted and tubbed, no engine currently but I have it:p
    2) 88 TCs blue with blue leather currently doing 5spd swap from red on red parts car
    1) 84 TC black 5spd with gray leather most likely a parts car but I'm going to try to fix it.
    1) 86 TC black auto gray cloth complete

    and pending.....
    79 turbo pace car should pickup by christmas
    74 pinto to be a race car by spring.(its here but I'm not ready to set the motor in it yet.

    thats 11 total. 9 still here, stingers getting the merk soon. 4 in progress and 1 pending.
    I also have an 89 N/A 2.3 5spd coupe and a 90 2.3 hatch auto both for sale.

    Holy crap how did this happen?? At this time last year the only thing I had was my SVO and I didn't start buying turbo stuff until May of this year. Before anybody gets the wrong idea I started with a $25 investment to pay for everything listed after the SVO. My first Merkur I bought for $25 and sold $1200. :p each one has been less than less $350 except for the SVO.
  11. Just throw me the keys and I'll go get it. :D
  12. im a turbo swap owner, probably one of the youngest too im only 17 and turning 18 in january.
    89 lx turbo swap
    88 lx notch parts car for 5spd swap
    89' Mustang Lx 2.3T 5spd,Smoke Metallic
    Engine Mods:
    2.3 Turbo Merkur Motor, Garrett T3 Turbo [email protected], .60 Trim Compressor .63 A/R Turbine, Fully Ported And Polished Head, 35 lb/hr Injectors, Gutted Upper Intake, Ported and Knifed Lower Intake, K&N Filter, Cold Air Intake, Stock Forged Pistons, Adjustable Boost Valve, LA3 ECM, Big VAM, A/C Delete, Removed Air Box and Silencer,Bailey Evo BOV.
    Exhuast Mods:
    2.5" Dual 2 Chamber Flowmasters 40's, Ported E6 Exhaust Manifold, SVO Y-Pipe, 2.5" Down Pipe No Cats, 2.5 SS Tail Pipes

    Suspension/Body/Interior Mods:
    17" Cobra R Rims, 94' Cobra springs, Rear GT Sway Bar, 88' Ranger Air Dam, 15" Hand Polished American Racing Rims, GT Spoiler, GT Escort seats, Boost Guage
    In The Works:
    Supercoupe Intercooler,5spd Trans., Lightened Flywheel, 8.8' Rear End
    Future Mods:
    Homemade Header, pro5.0 Short Throw Sifter. SVO Brakes, Brake Ducts, Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump, Kirban Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Cam, Adjustable Cam Pulley, 3.90 grears.
  13. im in the middle of a turbo swap from 87 t/c to a 89 lx 2 door and own a n/a 91 3 door
    also own a 78 cobra 347 drag car runs low 11s and have a 77 mach 1 thats tubbed but need to put the motor and tranny together
  14. my gosh between 351wcoupe and sure we could put together a used turbo carlot. :nonono: lol its kinda sad i envy the fact they have so many turbo cars :nice: keep it comming i know there are a few more of you out there, 140's not posted.. :shrug:
  15. I only have a car on the internet.
  16. Up until yesterday I had 87 Turbocoupe which is
    sold and a 88 Turbocoupe which will become my donor
    for my mustang swap.
  17. I have both.
  18. if you keep your eye open, and keep a little money in the bank, its really easy to aquire lots of good cars. I mean the merkur I'm getting, I found out about it, because the guy that owns it saw my svo and is like Hey I have a merkur i'd sell ya for $$$ amount. and there ya go 2 cars, i've seen several cars I would have bought that are only a couple hundred bucks, if I'd of had the money at the time I would have them.
  19. ive got an 88TC im fixxing up. No swap intended, as the T-bird is nice. :)
  20. I have a svo.