So how many 2.3Turbos do we have in here?

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  1. The last bunch of cars people called me about I live in a small town and when people run across them they call me. It usually a friend of a friend deal so everythings cheap I part one out everynow and then and have plenty of money to keep going everything was done with a $25 investment.

    The way my luck went through the fall having more just meant breaking more. :nonono:
    Lx89stang05 becareful all I listed was stuff that was a 2.3. I started buying cars on a weekly basis when I was 17 so watch out. It starts with an addiction.

    Eventually you'll turn into "that crazy kid wit dem 4cylinder things. "Which is why I keep a few 351w's around. :nice:

    WHOA!! glad to see some SVO's out there.
  2. I have a '79 Carb Turbo
  3. hey radartec can you send us as many pics of your car as possible?
    thanks dude
  4. I hate you all. :( Gimme a couple years and I might join the ranks...

  5. whats the hold up ash? your stang is pretty clean, drop a nice tc motor in there to complete it... :nice:
  6. i own one

    I own an 88 tc :D
  7. 'Rents. :( I still live at home, so they really do have power over this (bhuff knows what I'm talkin' about). Plus I'm building up the car to handle the motor, so it'll be a fairly built chassis when it gets fast. Subframes, bigger brakes, Eibach/KYB, five-speed, etc. It's in the plans, that's all I can say.

  8. 2.3 turo

    Ive Got One A 86 Svo A234 Cam Adj Cam Sprocket Ported E 6 Gutted Intake An A T Bird Intercooler .
  9. I have converted my 89 LX pretty quick now!!
  10. That sounds good send me some pics if you get the chance. :nice:
  11. I've got a 90 turbo stang and an 88 turbocoupe. Those are the running cars. I also have an 84 turbocoupe (donor car) and I just picked up another 88 turbocoupe for parts. :nice:
  12. Yea I'll bet you would ya damm theife... :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  13. LOL you sure are boosted :O) seen any track time...awsome setup , would like to see whats its upto ~

    keep it real, keep'em comming, im sure there are a few more ;)

    Edit: we need to have a dyno month, too make the v8/v6 guys jealous..and to make it worse we can post our gasmilage to and from the dyno :nice:
  14. 1 real
    1 copy
  15. I hear what you are talking about as well. Ive had money in the past to do so many things, but the MAN holds me back...
  16. I have one, but I'm listing it as a parts car for sale since it decidied to drop it's oil on me and I'm tired of messing with it right now and I have no money to fixi it any more.
  17. 84 SVO
    85 SVO
    87 LX 2.3t
    85 XR7 Turbo
    86 xr4ti.

    And possibly an 88 XR.
  18. Just 1 '79 2.3 carbed turbo that's running
    and a used to be '79 2.3 carbed turbo (cobra) in the yard, if anybody needs some rusty parts, let me know :p

    I really wanna go for a 5.0, but I'ed feel bad about not giving the 2.3 a chance
    but ever since I got it, nothing but problems. I guess the previous owner didn't tread her right :(
  19. Only track time has been on the autox course :) I'll eventually get 'er to the strip, but it might not do too well due to the suspension setup. Right now I'm just getting it to run correctly and reliably. It's mostly there, but there's still a few bugs. Got a small valve cover leak and more importantly, it appears that I have some fuel issues. After all the bugs are worked out, the mods are coming :)