So how many 2.3Turbos do we have in here?

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  1. I've got a '90 Mustang LX, with an '87 turbocoupe engine.

    Only mod on engine so far is a Volvo intercooler.

  2. Put me down for 2.5 - I did manage to save the engine and tranny out of the totaled 84. I'll be up to three once I find a needy carcass to put it in.

    The Phoenix Project - it will live again! Muhahahahahaha

  3. After a year and a half of screwing around with the 200 I6 I have given it up and sold most of the 200 I6 parts.

    A nice very torquey motor but performance parts are just too darned expensive for me.

    I am now trying to buy back the 2.3L carb turbo Mustang that I had to get the black non a/c interior and the 2.3L carb turbo.

    I want to put the carb turbo parts on my 84 2.3L T-Bird turbo short block and finish porting my 88 Turbo 2.3L head. And convert to roller cam setup with a roller cam designed for a turbo setup.

    Car is put up for the winter. It is 27deg in day and about 18 deg at night, 1" of snow and I have no garage

    I am continuing to gather parts for the conversion so in Spring I hope to be ready to go.

    I will adapt a Holley 2300 2-bbl carb onto the EFI intake using the Racer Walsh adapter. Adapting a non computer carb car to a efi setup is way beyond my abilities.
  4. Lets good to hear. Let me know if you have any spare engine stuff atferwards.

    SVO1:I remember seeing in a post by you something about an 85 XR7. If any pics of it post them or send them to me. I went and looked at one last week.
  5. 84 Capri Turbo RS here.
  6. Man do I want one of those. :) Going to have to wait till after I get a house. Already have 4 cars and it's a fun juggling act keeping the managment in the dark.

    Back in the early 90's I had an 81 Capri with the I6 and prized rear whiper. That would have been an awsome turbo progect if the engines/parts were a little more plentiful. Speaking of I6's, some guy Emailed me a while back about a "Poolie Mustang", which turned out to be an SVO with a turbo I6 running about 445RWHP. I don't know if there are more of them out there , but he's got fender badges and paperwork to back it up. Could have been a Roush/Steeda/Saleen upstart that puttered out when the SVO went away.

    It's not a 2.3, but we've got a 2K2 Turbo bug too. The 2K2 Mustang will also get a turbo eventually, but I've got to deal with the SVO's first.

    Keep up the good spirits Ash - Your day will come.

  7. I converted my '93 to turbo and 5-speed. see here
  8. We can rebuild him. We have the technology...
  9. Good luck. Took me a couple years to find one in one piece, and even then it'd been screwed with. Bit of a mess, but I'm happy to have it and know it's safe in my garage. One of 1321 in 1984. 83 saw only 381 produced. The EFI Turbo RS is a neat but rare find.

    Currently at our place we've got my 85 GT, my 84 RS and my husband's 79 Capri inside, outside we have Mike's work truck, my Mark VIII, a friend's beat to death 82 Black Magic Capri and my brother-in-law's 85 GT vert. And we may be faced with having to buy an SVO this upcoming year. We've got an acre lot, but we're out of covered parking and concrete is getting scarce for us. LOL!
  10. LOL!
    We are hoping to finally build our house on an acre or two in the next year.
    Right now in the 24x24 garage at home I have the 84 SVO, 66,and 65, and in my storage I have my SVO, and at my Parents I have the Cobra.
    The rest are outside at my house.
    Space is limited!!!
  11. Well, as soon as I finish redoing my 85 SVO I will be turbo, but I don't know how long that will be. Hopefully sooner than I think.