Mach 1 So how much did you pay for your Mach 1??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by wantamach1, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. I've heard of them going for around $24,000 - $25,000 after haggling.

    I know the MSRP is $28,000, but the lady at the dealership told me I couldn't touch one for under $30,000, and that she didn't have one on the lot. she said she could get me one on the lot, but I would have to practically look at it and buy it, if she brought one over!!!!

    I don't think she took me seriously as a buyer, even though i'm 21, I look like i'm all of 17.
  2. I'm looking at a brand new 03 for 22,500. I put $500 down to hold it, and it should be at the dealer this week. It's the last black one that the sales guy could find in 8 states.
  3. I bought my 03 used with 5k miles for a hair over 20k.
  4. Which dealer? Fair Oaks Ford in Naperville? That is where I ordered my 03 mach from last year. Except since it was the first they got in I had to pay close to $30,000. It was actually suppose to be $5000 over that but we had some issues there in the past so we got them to waive that..but still they were not dealing on it at all. The black mach is sweeeet though. Nice!
  5. well i jus bought mine sticker was 29k
    talked em down to 28k
    rebates -2k
    so i COULD'VE had it for 24500,if i was'nt upside down ,
    on my 02 escape,ps got mine in dec.03
  6. Man you guys all suck!!! lol. When I bought mine rebates could not be used on cars that were specialty, like the mach. Ah well....
  7. With the $3000 rebate, I had mine for about 24K out the door.
  8. I just talked to a guy at the dealership, he has a white 2003 Mach 1 with a price tag of $29.675 (5-speed), he said that they now have a $4000 rebate.

    i wonder hoe much i can talk them down befrore the rebate?????

    I'm hoping to get one soon!!!!

    gotta sell my car first!!
  9. Paid 22,200 + TTL for my 03 Mach stick 3.9% for 60 (credit union)

    paid 24200 +TTl for my girlfriends 04 Auto Mach1. 4.5% for 60 (credit union)

    They will deal if u push. My advice make a real low offer and then walk away after leaving your number. You will be surprised how soon they call with a number really close to what you want.

    Depends on time of the month. Be cocky and confident and don't buy a warranty w/o research, and sell your current car outright. And finance thru a bank or credit union preferably.
  10. Bough mine for $23k...
  11. <~~looking at '04 Mach1 with Autotrans.....sticker is $30K, rebate is $3K, dealer took off $2K just in does $25K+ttl sound for an '04??
  12. That's what I payed for mine. Come spring the Mach won't go for under 27K!!!

  13. Hey congrats on your new Mach! Where did you pick it up from....what dealer?
  14. paid 24,508 for mine before tt&l

  15. Jim Skinner ford in birmingham, AL offered me $24,641 OTD for an '03 automatic......we passed. Bought an '04 RX-8 made more sense for my 54yr old mother....she couldnt jusitfy the need for 305hp!!
  16. My new baby

    Picking up a used black 5spd 03 mach tomorrow at noon. Has 1992 miles on it. Buying for 21,900. Just wondering if y'all think this is ok. First Ford I have ever bought. Been a GM man since 83. Thanks for input, and be easy on me please...I may from time to time have a bowtie heart, but I think this car will get me over it. :D
  17. ugo, you won't regret the Ford purchase. I have had Chevy hotrods and Ford hotrods, they both go fast and require about the same amount of work to maintain them.
  18. paid 21,300 thru AAFES at the local AF base, course i wont get to see it till i get home in another 6 mos, but itl be waiting on me then!!!!
  19. My father-in-law got his 03 Mach 1 for $34,000. Too much, but he got the first one at the local dealer and it had only been there for a day or so. Several people were there at the same time thinking they were going to buy it for that price. He beat them all to it, but what a price, huh.

    I don't have the heart to tell him that new one's now can be had for $10K less. Maybe I should look into one.....hmmmmmm.