So how old is everyone?

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  1. It could be worse.
  2. Guero .... I need tile in my study (under construction). Think you could come over & help out?
  3. turning 20 october 1st
  4. Sure weres my airplane ticket? lol.
  5. DAMN!! Retired at 48, how'd you do it? I need advice from you for investmentss and things like that.:nice:
  6. OH, BTW, I'm 23, married with 2 kids. What can I say, I'm a Mexican. I'm a personal banker for Capital One now.
  7. looks like I'm still the youngest.....oh well.

    whtstang, what area of north charleston are you at?
  8. 23 I am a diesel technician and am certified in the Series 60, MBE 4000, and MBE 900. work for wwwilliams and have been there for 3.5 years.
  9. 24, schooling for I.T. right now.
  10. 19, VT, engineering, drink, not your typical asian because I'm lazy when it comes to schoolwork
  11. 21, phys ed major at Grand Valley State.
  12. 23 in october , roofer hahaha
  13. 22, i'll have a degree in computer network engineering by the end of this year, got my CCNA over the summer now I just need to find a damn job.
  14. :lol:
  15. 5 min from the Airforce Base near the Bosch plant....
  16. cool, I'm up by Goose creek High
  17. No clue where that is actaully I'm not familiar with SC at all (I've been down town 3-4 times). Hopefully will start making my way around the state more (S-ville, GooseCreek, Myrtle Beach, Columbia).
  19. Hi
    Married 39 yrs. next month, longer than most of you have been around. :D

    59 yrs young!! High Speed Photographer