So I Am Replacing My Clutch... T5 Fluid?

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  1. i am replacing my clutch and everything that goes with it and i was wondering do i have to drain the transmission fluid before i drop it out? and or should i change the fluid in it? what brand do i go with?
  2. Use automatic transmission fluid Dextron III. The T5 service manual called for Dextron II, but it has been superseded by Dextron III. The brand doesn't matter much as long a you use a good quality major name brand product. Avoid the house brand stuff from the auto parts chain stores if you can.

    Synthetic fluid matching the Dextron III specs is OK, but is much more expensive. It may not make much difference in a T5 that is in good shape.

    DO NOT use gear oil. The clearances between the bearings under the gears is too close to get proper lubrication with thick gear oil.
  3. A one gallon bottle of store brand Dexron 3 works great.

  4. DO NOT use gear oil.

    unless you have a non-world class t5
  5. So just give me a brand name and what kind am not sure if it says like 10w-40 like motor oil
  6. Go in and ask for dextron III. any manufacturer that you recognize is fine and III is the specification like 5-30 is for oil.
  7. I would also drain it before you drop it. Pulling the D/S out fluid is coming out of the back. The more you tilt, the more fluid drops. Capeesh?
  8. Keep in mind a lot of places don't carry Dexron III anymore. It's old technology. Technically. Dexron VI is what most places carry. I work at Autozone and have this argument with old Chevy guys all the time. Haha. Right on the front label of Castrol Dexron VI (which is what I'd recommend) it says it exceeds the requirements for Dexron III. So, any local auto parts store should have it. Castrol, Valvoline or go to Ford.
  9. The spec is 2.8 quarts to fill a T-5.

    Knowing that, I just fill through my shifter rather than through the top fill port. Running a slightly higher level may add parasitic loss to the geartrain, but running the T-5 fluid too low can starve the mainshaft bearings between the input and mainshaft.

    If that happens, you get the dreaded "My T-5 whines in every gear but 4th" issue.
  10. As long as you leave the fill plug open, it won't overfill. The plug is positioned at the top of the fill level, so any excess just drains out on your floor, or in your ear, whichever comes first.

  11. That's what she said. But yeah. I agree with him. It is near impossible to over fill it.
  12. I wouldn't say that. I know someone who filled through the shifter, never removed the top fill plug and just kept filling it until it was into the shifter area. Then slapped the shifter on it and drove.

    It poured fluid out of the vent hole when he drove around
  13. Haha. That's why you keep a towel handy.

  14. Let me rephrase then. If you fill from the fill hole, it's virtually impossible to overflow. That's what I initially meant. Haha.
  15. Hahaha. Glad that wasn't too obscene for a forum.
  16. You have to get more creative on a forum that automatically blocks the more versatile words in your vocabulary.

  17. I've figured this out. Haha.