"So I Beat a Charger" - Why Closed?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by GusinCA, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. It didn't specify whether the guy beat him on a drag strip or not, so why close the thread?
    By closing the thread it doesn't give the guy a chance to explain whether it was in a closed, controlled environment, or a busy suburban school zone, or anything in between...
  2. I think your thread gave off the impression it was street racing, whether or not it was explicitly said or not. Usually people post 1/4 mile times if it was on a track.
  3. Seems a little draconian to me to just close it - but that's just my opinion. And you know what they say about opinions :rlaugh:
  4. I beat a new Chrysler 300 SRT-8 at a legal, sanctioned drag racing event put on in the safe confines of Pacific Raceways near Seattle on a Test'n'Tune night. He had some sort of aftermarket CAI and ignition mod, but only ran 14.0 at 99 mph vs my 13.4 at 102. Not sure, but he probably needed to dial in a better tune to match his mods, 'cuz stock his car was likely faster than 14.0.

    I work at a car dealership and we just happen to have a Dodge Ram SRT-10 here on our used car lot. I think I outta get one of the other guys to race it against my 07 GT one day here at work out in the middle of the street - right about the time the local schools let out and the brats start walking home.

    So, which scenario above is allowed here at StangNet? I just wanna be sure I'm following all the rules.
  5. It wasn't originally my thread to begin with, let me make that clear.
    And I also don't condone any kind of street racing, let me make that clear as well.
    But - I also dislike censorship. But - It is not my forum, and the organazers here should do as they please and do a good job.
    I was just making sure that this was not overkill. We drive performance cars, there will be talk about "beating" this or that, whether it is censored or not...
  6. Don't feel bad, I was farming for votes on USC and my thread got closed, yet one week prior two other fellow stangers posted for the same USC vote farming and were left alone.

    I wasn't happy for being closed down as a site violator, but it was discussed in PM's off line, which may have been the case with this other thread your meantioning.
  7. I was the original poster for this thread and no I do not feel bad. It was a short friendly race on a long deserted straight way. We actually went out of our way to be sure any part of the road were not being used, but it's still illegal. I do not condone street racing in any form, but it's fun especially when you win:D
  8. Just to clear it up and make sure we're all on the same page....

    We as Staff aren't here to make your experience here hell. We love that you are here and enjoy this community that has been around for over 10 years.

    That said, the combined learnings from the experience that the Staff has shared allows us to determine how to best make decisions that support the community and site's wellbeing.

    Threads relating to illegal activity of any kind are not condoned here. Simple as that.

    There are sponsorship programs and conflicts of interest with many of our paid partners when people post a link or links to directly competitive websites.

    If someone's thread gets closed, but two prior didn't, it doesn't mean we are singling anyone out. Moderation of content takes lots of time and energy. Trust me.

    I don't write this to exacerbate where we all stand, to run anyone off, or to single anyone out. The Staff member who closed the thread did so within the confines and scope of responsibility under the site's Terms of Service. We don't just do things to randomly pick on anyone.

    Finally, be safe out there. I'd love to see more track times posted. :nice:
  9. Innocent people die because of street racing. It should not be condoned in any form.
    How can you always be certain it is safe? Even if the streets are clear, someone could pop up out of no where and they could be harmed or killed.
    Take all racing to a legal strip.
  10. That phrase makes me laugh. Obviously if somebody is there they just didn't appear out of thin air right in your path. It just goes to show how many of us don't pay nearly enough attention to our surroundings while behind the wheel. Including myself in younger(dumber)days, how many times could you really check for others while traveling at high rates of speed or nailing it from a start while adrenaline is filling you? I'm glad I made it out of those days with no harm to myself or anybody else and I try my best not to revisit those days, but having one of the capable cars makes it hard and you just have to suck it up and say to yourself, "My car looks, sounds and runs great, and I want to be around tomorrow to enjoy that." Life is too short not to have fun, but it has to be somewhat safe and not add even more risk to our already crazy/fast paced lifestyles. Be smart and be safe:flag:
  11. your guys are funny....So if 07blk would have said "i raced him on the track" everything will be fine...if that's the case 07blk, what the hell are you thinking! next time make sure there's no boogie man that pops out of thin air the next time you race him on the "track"...comprende!

    be safe and "click it or ticket"
  12. I love Stangnet but this entire anti-street-racing attitude here as well as other forums is BS.

    Every ad, commercial, piece of marketing shows people doing exactly that. It's why people buy performance cars. It's all about POWER, SPEED, HANDLING, PERFORMANCE.

    People don't spend $28,000+ so they can cruise 25mph on main street. (okay some do)

    The point is the occasional drag race at a light is as AMERICAN as APPLE EFF'N PIE! :flag:

    All the "P.C." people who just blindly say, "take it to the track" are communists. :ban:

  13. If you wish to go drag race from a light then no-one here is stopping you. If you want to discuss and condone that sort of behavior one this web-site well.... Not gonna happen.

    Regardless of whether you thing the policy is "B.S." or not, doesn't really matter much. The bottom line is that, that particular activity is illegal and will not be condoned on this website. You are however, welcome to start your own street racing website and discuss what you like.

    I've reviewed the intent of this site and it has nothing at all to do with illegal street racing.

    We also don't condone pedophilia... I'm sure if someone posted a thread about that here, you might have an issue with it (unless you're a sick bastard). The point though, is that the decisions about what is acceptable and not, are made by staff for the whole of the website and it's members. Not just you or select group of others that think they should be the ones to determine policy.

  14. As long as they sell vehicles(not just sporty/sports cars)that are capable of getting to the speed limit in a handfull of seconds and can go higher than that, there will be those who will do it. It's in our nature. Some just go past ther own limits no matter who is out there with them. I know "street racing" is illegal unless put on by some sort of sanctioning body and there are those of us who do it anyways. The fact is when it happens and the outcome was nothing more than 1 winner and 1 loser with no injuries that is definitely a good thing, but it is another thing to talk about it. Wording it correctly is the key, but if it's against a forum's policy then unfortunately that has to be upheld. The world is already full of too many people and road space is getting more and more congested every day so accidents happen more frequently. I for one believe that every person should have to take and pass a high performance driver course before they are allowed to even get a license. Get your permit pretty much the same way as now(they're not that many out on the road compared to all the other licensed drivers). That I'm sure will be more cost effective down the road along with making alot more people safer drivers where there just may be more room for another's error. I'm sorry for the longwinded post, but I will now step down.
  15. Wow, I never intended for this to happen. I did not start this thread to condone street racing or even brag about my win. I wanted to know why I was able to beat him. I just needed reliable info, which is why I visit this site. I had no idea street racing discusion was not allowed and if I had known I would have added more info. Soooooooooo:OT: How about the new Challenger? Anyting new on that?
  16. http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=729733
  17. I'm concerned that someone finds humor in my statement. The roads are open to the public. Maybe they don't "pop" up out of no where, but deserted roadways, empty streets, etc. don't stay that way. Street racing kills people every year. There is nothing funny about that.
    By the way, I am not a communist. I fly the American flag from my front porch 24 hours each day. I did so before 911 and I am still doing so today. I was also in charge of my community's Fourth of July celebration for more than 20 years. I own a Mustang GT and drive the speed limit.
    I call that being responsible. Too many people die on our highways each year. Speed kills. Road racing kills. And the fact I believe we should obey traffic laws doesn't make me a communist. Those who believe otherwise, well, I won't say what I think they are.
    Maybe it is time this thread was closed.

  18. Not making small of your point by any means but... I think we got it the first time. :)
  19. ok guys enough is enough, this is getting way out of hand! we all know its illegal, it happens out there whether we like it or not...everybody has their opinion we all may not agree but you know what we all have the passion to go fast either it's in a controlled or not controlled area...bottom line be safe, and be smart! thank god it's friday...don't drink and drive this weekend!
  20. It's too bad that Apple Pie was the culanary discovery/invention of a Canadian, huh. :rlaugh: :canada:

    Either way....there's still no street racing thread allowed. ;)
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