so I did no muffler mod...

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by getinaGTsoon, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. :hail2:

    I think it sounds great.. stock headers/h-pipe. no mufflers.


    On the other note.. my Oil Sending Unit was a pain in the ass to change... but, My oil pressure is up up up on the gauge.. so that makes me happy... I figure it was my wire but hell, 144,500 miles.. a change in the OSU couldn't have hurt eh. Now on to spark plugs and wires.
  2. a big socket, 1 1/8 or 1 1/16 something like taht makes the sending unit REALLY easy to change
  3. Yeah... thats what my friend used, and we had a lift also.
  4. why do u need a lift to replace the oil sending unit? Well, I guess it would make it a little easier..
  5. You don't need a lift to change your oil sending unit, at least i didn't.
  6. really really easy to get to just right below the coil wire just behind the AC and down
  7. Hey about the mufflers did you just leave straight pipe with out a turndown? How does it sound. I have flowmaster 40 series, stock headers, off road h pipe. Ive been thinking about getting under the car and taking the saw saw to the mufflers. I was told it would sound like a truck tho.?
  8. must be mighty loud! :rlaugh:
  9. I just have the factory headers and h-pipe.. I just unbolted it from the cats. It really sounds like the borla's I had on my other stang last year.. just a little deeper. I think it sounds great for a free mod.. later on I'll get some mufflers to help the sound outside.. cause my friend said it was kinda quiet but had a nice hum to it.
  10. If you uncap the H pipe it sounds good. If you have a bone stock exhaust, just have a muffler shop remove the muffs, and in place of them put some str8 pipes in place, still using the stock tails... everyone thats heard it seems to like the sound. Fancy mufflers are nice, but if you have minimal cash and wanna save a few pounds this will work :D
  11. I used to have straight pipes on my car and left the cats on. I also left the stainless pipes out the back. It sounded good when I rev'd the motor at people, but when I would stomp it racing someone it did pop a little like a truck. But now I have 40 series flows. :nice:
  12. i just unhooked my h pipe its WAY too loud for me i took it around the block i know i pised the neighbors off :p
  13. I ran my car for a few minutes w/o a cat-back and it was pretty damn loud. The fumes would be a problem too I think if you drive around like that. I agree with the idea of running turndowns. Or I had this idea too, what about goin to a muff shop and have them make just some sidepipes out the sides from the factory H-pipe?
  14. That would be cool to have some side pipes. Yeah the fumes are teribale sitting at a stop sign. I liked the sound tho kinda crackly when i step on it.
  15. on my 82 i had mac e/l shorty headers, and off road pipe w/ no mufflers for a day, and holy shhiiittt, it was loud as hell, it sounded so nasty, but i think i was deaf after i romped on it a few times...sounded like a 10 sec car!
  16. I think it kinda sounds like a big block :D
  17. Everytime i work under my car to take the tranny out or swap mufflers or h-pipe, i always gotta take it around the block with no mufflers on it haha. Way to loud though an it just sounds like crap when your running about 2000rpms or when you left off the gas an it pops an snaps real loud. But damn when you stomp on it those longtubes an h-pipe scream. Shoots cool blue flames outta the h-pipe too lol.
  18. awsome i want some :flame:
  19. i got 40 series flowmasters, used to be straight out of the mufflers, it didnt seem like such a good idea last time i drove to dallas from orange county... sure as hell kept me awake though. Oh, and when I ran my car straight headers and h pipe, i got pulled over and given a fix-it when i pulled out of my block, sounded sweet, but i cant imagine the hearing damage it would cause over a few weeks of daily driving, but hell all that means is id have to get louder speakers.