So I got a replacement two days ago, be gentle.

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    It's a 2000 Trans Am WS6 with the SLP package. 6-speed, 50k miles, Suncoast Raptor hood, and is very, very clean. I'm in love with it, honestly. I wasn't ready to get back into a Mustang yet, unless it was a Terminator (which were out of my price range). I've seen the LS1s put down 400rwhp+ with bolt-ons and a cam, so my needs are still more than fulfilled when it comes to power.

    I'll always miss the Mustang, and I WILL have a Terminator someday, hopefully beside the WS6. Still a Mustang lover at heart, always will be. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. If a ws6 came my way, i wouldnt overlook it.

    awesome buy! paint looks great :nice: just get some z06 rims or whatever they are and itll look stellar :nice:
  3. Thanks man. The stock wheels are crap. Skinny 16 inchers. I've seen these cars with staggered setups, and it changes the look so much. One of my first mods for sure.
  4. Glad you found something you like man. Have fun with your new monster!
  5. I actually love those cars, the looks, the performance, the handling, basicly everything, except working on them. Most PITA car to work on

    I had a 95 camaro

  6. my thoughts exactly.... nice car though man!:nice:
  7. You made the right choice. It's definitely a step ahead of any 99-04 Mustang GT.

    You will be astounded how well those cars wake up with simple mods. I have A LOT of F-Body friends (the nice ones, not the arrogant OMG LS-ENGINE WOOO!!! MUSTANGS SUXORZ) and have seen them build their cars, and it always, ALWAYS impresses me how they respond.

    WS/6's are where it's at as well. My ideal F-Body is your car, or a red WS/6 6 speed.

    I know you'll miss the 'Stang, but this car will fill the void well and won't leave you pissed when you doing gain anything significant from mods short of forced induction.

    Only drawback is the stock rear ends are weak, and they are quite a bit different to work on than a Mustang. It's do-able, but definitely not as easy as getting under the hood of a 'Stang.

    My buddy is putting down 422rwhp with lid, MAF, cam, ported stock heads, STOCK INTAKE MANIFOLD, mid-lengths, offroad Y, and a good tune through a stalled auto... very impressive.
  8. Looks like a PITA. The damn motor is tucked halfway underneath the windshield. Can't wait to change the spark plugs! Ugh...
  9. At least you won't have to worry about replacing one because it blew out...:rlaugh:
  10. you wont get back into a mustang. haha..

    a brett bauer cam and bolt-ons put down 425rwhp through an auto and 9in.
  11. LMAO. I had to go through that on my GT. It sucked! Good thing it was covered under warranty since I had a new motor.

    I can't wait to start modding this thing. It's gonna be fun. I want the rear-end out of my Stang. Had FRPP 4.10s with the rear-end rebuild kit. I can get it from my car, as long as I replace it with another rear. Hmmm...
  12. BAD ASS! Run a 150 shot :)
  13. :scratch:Well I guess I will be the first to say I'm not a fan of the replacement at all. Not sure where to start but the looks of those cars never appealed to me in any way, from any angle.

    If you like it that is all that matters and I wish you well with the new toy.
  14. Sick ride!

  15. If you're really considering it, they do make swap kits.

    Ford 9" swap is a fairly popular swap as well, but you already have an 8.8" so you're half way there.

    It's involved, since nothing really bolts right up, but it will fit, and it has been done more than once...

    If you don't plan on slapping slicks on it, or plan on launching hard on DR's, I wouldn't sweat it too much. As long as your spinning you're doing a decent job of saving the rear, lol.
  16. I was thinking the other day that F-Body related posts are few and far between. There used to be a few LS1 posts here daily.

    I haven't been to the track in years, but I really don't see too many clean Z28s or WS6s on the street anymore.

    Awesome ride man. I remember my first humbling run in with a Trans-Am (think about 8 car lengths).
  17. Nothing wrong with a little F-body action.:nice: It's still American iron and a good platform to mod. Should be a fun car.:D
  18. Good looking car for sure. Get the rear from you mustang, and throw it under there.
  19. i honeslty love F-body's:hide:

    i locally guy has a 396 stoker lt1, with AFR heads..ect, makes 505rwhp on motor and he hits it with a 250shot on a daily bases, and it has a 9" under it, its his DD too:nice:,
  20. really cant go wrong with a LSx. motor... outstanding.