So I got a replacement two days ago, be gentle.

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  1. ls6 intake, longtubes and a tune and you should be around 350rwhp!! cam swap and add another 40~..

    those cars can get quick FAST!!
  2. nice car man, I loved my 95, but it was a real PTA to work on...that motor was built around the car....the first time I changed my plugs it took me 2.5hours....and I only got 7 done...
  3. Nice car.:nice:

    I almost bought a black WS6 vert instead of my GT. It was way faster, but the stang is just so much nicer to look at.
  4. an ls1 car is alot easier to work on!!
  5. Sold my WS6 to buy the Stang. The TA was faster, the Stang is more fun to drive, and I'm actually part of a car club now. Every TA owner I met was a dick.
  6. god George i cant believe you lol. Just to let everyone know i saw the car in person and it's clean, and I am sure some black C5 Z06 wheels will make it look sick.
  7. I've got a set if you want them!
  8. Gross. I hate TA and Camaro verts. The 99-04 stangs are some of the best looking verts around, IMO.
  9. Verts are not bad with the top down, they look like **** with the top up on any car....t-tops are bad ass, but ford ditched them a long time ago....
  10. 94-98 lol
  11. What all was done to your TA? I have no problem beating LT1's (all that I've raced were lightly modded at most, nothing serious).

    Absolutely. I cant stand fbody verts, they're so fkn ugly! I honestly would turn down a prestine WS6 if it were a vert. I even think that the C5 vettes also look odd in vert form (with the top up).
  12. My car looks badass with the top up, IMO, and it's pretty much stock. The 99-04 mustangs have good lines to make the vert top look good when up. The black on black flows extremely well.

  13. I could never even consider owning a vert, in any car.

  14. Or riding with me in mine.
  15. :rlaugh:
  16. I must be missing something.:shrug: I didn't realize that having a metal roof over your head made your testosterone levels increase.

    PS: tell your GF I'll pick her up at 7 on Friday and to wear that little black number that I like so well. It matches my car.;)
  17. Going for a low blow on the Fiancee, Noob? I throw up a little more weight than you do, played college football, so no need to go there. Would you like to be the 2nd guy that gets dropped at the track in the stagging lanes? Doubt it. But to each, his own.:nice:
  18. You played the prick card first brother. Funny how so many can dish it out but can't take it. Now that I see how you throw your apparently proud extra weight around, and your prestigious stangnet post count, I'll tread around here a little more tender footed in the future. Obligatory winks to follow.;);)