So I got a replacement two days ago, be gentle.

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  1. I rep 405lbs. on bench.:D Verts can be problematic w/leaking but, I've noticed not alot die hard wrench turners prefer them, and no I'm not stereotyping wrench turners.LOL:) Don't you love the word brouhaha?!
  2. Very nice! I love those cars!
  3. Nice ride. Glad to see that you got something that you enjoy rather than having to settle.
  4. NICE Trans Am.....I still cant believe Pontiac closed its doors
  5. LOL

    Kilgore hasn't killed anything in his life, dont worry about him .

    WS6 is sweet, my buddy had one in HS at the track bone stock on street tires he ran 13.0 all day long.
  6. Did it come with panties?

    Kidding kidding!!!!

    Car looks sweet, grats on finding a car you like thats not a stang
  7. Nice car but don't become a typical LS-1 guy..

    What I mean by that is don't become a dick..
  8. For real.

    True story:

    6.80s 1/8th mile Fox Guy: Hey man, wanna kick em off sometime?

    Bone stock LS1 Camaro guy: Pssshhh, I'd rather not waste my time man. You got a menthol?
  9. That's why they invented platinum plugs (really a factory install) as you have to lower the engine somehow to get at the back two plugs every 50k miles or so. Otherwise they are a really fast car that handles well.

    Still one of my all time favorites but too cheap to ever buy one:nice: