So I happen to be in the neighborhood...

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  1. ...and I swing by 140's house. I see him and his friend Todd were working on Todd's car. He has a nasty crack on his E3 and apparently 140 talked him into swapping it for a ported E6. :notnice: 30 minutes later, and 3 nuts off, we decided that the exhaust housing should come off to reach the last nut.
    140 then proceeded the break all 5 bolts in half. Here is the carnage left over.


    We then jump into the LX and go for a spin. I'm sceptical of the Volvo intercooler but we made a few runs thru the gears and I notice something. Either my car is messed up or his is. During shift the car does not jerk when it hits boost. Everytime I shift and let the clucth out I get a jerk back which 140 mentioned he aslo gets in the SVOld. We attribute it to the suspension.
    I'm not liking the out of boost power but it feels nice going thru the gears smoothly with boost. Not a good drag car but fun for highway races and turns! I think the Volvo is choking the flow alot.


    So from there 140 was trying to figure out this miss he was having. 3400 rpm and 12 psi and the thing just ran into a wall on his SVOld. Revving out of boost is fine but as soon as it hit 3400 with 12 psi or more BAM! What a piece of #$%^! So after him already having changed the plugs, wires, and computer we start to work. We swap Todd's distributor over and go for a ride. This is the most violent jerk of a miss I have ever felt. SVOhmygodwhatthehelliswrongnow? We come back and start thinking. 140 hooks up the vacuum guage and everything is fine. He then puts on the fuel guage and everything checks out. So I mentioned that maybe the afpr isn't raising properly with boost. So he then shows me the coolest 20 minute fuel guage install in the world!


    Well we take off, flashlight and all, and I shine the light on the guage (gayness) and we see that the afpr is working fine. The miss still lives! After returning home dissapointed 140 begins to cry. Yes I do have a pic.


    So we continue to watch Todd drill the bolts out when I mention that maybe one of his hoses may be split and only open at 12 psi. So we go to town on the hoses and he borrows Todd's intercooler and we try it out. Guess what. :owned:

    I start thinking, it can't be too much timing or it would ping. It can't be fuel that's fine. What's left? Air! So I think of anything that might be affected by boost and not and I scope the VAM out for a minute. Maybe the door isn't opening right or it's opening too much? Either way it has to be it. 140 says "Yeah maybe it is." I start thinking hey mofo swap the damn VAM with Todd's and check it out. By this time it was already 4 am and we were ready to call it a day. We both look at it for a minute and he says "Why not?"

    Well after 3 months of trying to figure this out he then makes a big deal about me fixing this problem 4 hours after being there. He was so happy I could have slapped him. :p From then until we left he acted more and more like a "special" kid who just came in last at the Special Olympics. WINNAR!

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  2. You have way too much time on your hands. Nice pic of 140, though. ;)

  3. Too much time?
    Dude all that was real.
    I just back this afternoon and wrote this up as a joke for him.
  4. I know, but you have too much time to type all that up. :)

  5. I did type this on a Saturday!
  6. It was like I was reading it in real time since it took about 4 hours to get through the first post.
  7. It's a good story! All this happened in 5 hours. I love 140's 3 car garage.
  8. I almost didnt read this thread...glad i did now! So where is the video of you kicking 140's butt racing? ;) Nice diagnostic crovax :nice:

    ps: 3 car garage! :nonono:
  9. And it's a 2 story garage at that. That thing is as big as a house!
    I didn't bring my car this time. We're trying to head to the track
    on May 21st though. I'll have video then.
  10. *hopefully you sabotaged his nitrous system! ;) *cough*cough* cant wait to see some groudpouding action! :flag:
  11. The n20 isn't hooked up yet BUT I will switch the bad VAM back in so he can't boost past 3400rpm.
  12. Cro thanks much, your clear head and fresh look at the prob solved it and I owe ya! You're the man! :hail2: :hail2: I took the stupid thing apart, but shoulda swapped it, that's what I get. BIG THANKS!

    But we just had a great time. Looking forward to working on yours next month.

    Dude, thanks for the non-complimentary props! (so just wanna say YOU SUCK!) The car is tight and it lunges forward and it's way faster than my fast svo. And true the hybrid is def slower spinning up than a stock T3. Good grief - you are a hard man to impress. :bang: - but that's cool. It's cool, I'm cool w/ it. Any diff and you wouldn't be Cro. I've got a stiffer spring on it's way for 4-6 more lbs of boost - it's topped out at 20 lbs right now, since we played w/ the 'vo all nite we didn't finish the wiring on the N20, and I've got the bigger throttle body to mount (which might just help spool speed perhaps). Dang you! If I get this corner carver into the high 11's on the strip you're still gonna dis it. I may have to kill you and bury your body in the woods behind my house. :D

    wish ya coulda stayed longer. It was great breaking parts on Todd's car wasn't it? He wasn't having as much fun as we were. :rlaugh: Gotta get rid of the weak junk and wipe the slate clean before you build it better than stock!

  13. That story sucked.
    And I know that's a lie - James never works past 10:00 pm in his garage. :bs:

    Good going Cro - glad somebody figured out James' problem - I was gonna suggest a rebuild - but I knew the SVO would be down for a few years...and figured he'd rather just live with the miss. :D

    And Way to go James! Breaking your stuff isn't good enough for ya is it? GO and break the new guys toys!

    Man - that was a vicous post.

    Hate that I missed you Cro - woulda been good to be picked on some more. James said you guys rode by - but I was at work Sat.
  14. He even forgot to introduce us to your mom. Southern hospitality. :)
  15. :nonono:
  16. I'll see you May 21st, 22nd or the 23rd. Looks like we're running at the track
    on Friday. Can't wait to run 15. :rolleyes: Ricers beware!
  17. ehheem* chevy's too*cough* :flag:
  18. WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME??? :bang:

    Oh, wait, I am on a Mustang board, what did I expect. :D

    Cool on the May trip - I look forward to going to the strip and...watching you guys run.
  19. THE TRUCK!!!!!!!