So I Have To Get My Transmission Rebuilt

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  1. I talked to a mechanic that I know well and he suggested that my transmission was going and I should change the fluids. Took it to a place to empty the pan and they said that the transmission is probably too far along to save and showed me the silvery thicker liquid and that it was low.

    To save a grand I recommend any and everyone keep up with there fluids. This isn't quite my fault, more of my moms from when she drove it and never having the fluid changed, ever.

    They changed it and now my car runs smoothly, but if it doesn't last then I'll defiently take it to get it rebuilt.

    Anyone else had there's rebuilt for a cheaper price with good quality(was quoted a 1000 for kit and labor on the spot)?
  2. Purolator used to have a chart they put up in Autoparts stores called "The Forgotten Filters." Lack of transmission maintenance is extremely common these days. An automatic that is properly maintained and not abused will last almost forever.

    $1000 is about right for a transmission rebuild. If that includes removal and reinstallation, then it's a steal.

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  3. It does, everything bundled into it. I guess this was more of a woeful post in hopes of a cheaper price. Better luck next time
  4. The price is probably below average and I suspect it doesn't give you a hardened AODE. You might want to go to Lentech's site to see what they include in their build and see what your shop would charge for a similar build.
  5. I don't know a 'ton' about transmissions so what do you mean by hardened? As in that it is upgraded from the standard kit or something of the sort?
  6. Upgraded internals for mo powa. Depends on your build n stuff.

  7. Ah, power as in terms of hp or driving performance? And simply ask them if they offer to use different kinds of upgraded kits from just the standard?
    I'll start my transmission readings now. ha.
  8. Go to Lentech's site as suggested in an earlier post. You will see what they add to make the transmission tougher.
  9. I wouldn't go through the hassle of hardened internals at this point. Those cost a fortune. If it's a stock or close to stock car, then don't spend the money. It's a good idea to put a transpack in it and make sure he puts a new torque converter in it. Torque converters hold all kinds of crap from the transmission, and even if you flush them out, they can pump all that material right back into a new transmission and ruin it again.

  10. The one thing you should absolutely do is add an stacked plate oil cooler. Heat is what mostly destroys an auto. For a basic setup get one with a minimum BTU rating of 13,000