so i think its junk

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  1. this happened while driving friday night. im kinda down about the whole thing.

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  2. Holy crap is that because of rust. :jaw:
  3. omg pwnted

    sorry to see/hear that, rust is a horrible mean bitch.
  4. That motivates me all the more to keep with my anti-rust project.

    Finally got around to it yesterday - prepping the underside and applying rust bullet.
  5. DAYUM!

    And I thought my old '90 was bad because the tranny crossmember rusted out...

    Sorry to tell you man, but I think that car's good for nothin but parts now. Unless you backhalf it.
  6. Ouch... i hope you were being rough on it when that broke, cause if you werent.. thats REALLY bad.. I have to agree with red though.. i think that chassis is done.. :(

  7. ive heard of people ripping out the torque boxes before, but ya, this is a new one.
  8. Oh yea I def know its junk. I guess thats what 15 years in the snowbelt will do to a car. It was pretty rusted. I think when i hit a pothole the other night it hit it just right so it at least started break away, and then driving it for another 1/2 hour just weakened it more til it broke. I guess the good thing is, I was planning on going home on the interstate the next morning. It would def sucked if it happened then.
    Now im wondering if I should part it out or send it to the junkyard. It runs/shifts fine, some good parts here and there, same with interior. but i dont know. any ideas?
  9. That happened to mine in May. I was never really "under" the car doing work until March and I noticed it but I honestly didn't know what it was that had rusted. In May when I had the clutch replaced my mechanic replaced that brace as well. :OT: I need to get some anti-roll bars.

    If the car is in great shape otherwise you could probably bring in some good money parting it out. It is a pain to do this if you don't have the space for another car to just sit.
  10. the thing is, its broke down in the city where i go to school at and it would kinda be hard to get it home to do the work. its an hour away, so that will cost a few bucks to tow it there.
  11. Well, it looks to me like somebody has done some bondo sculpting on the rocker panel of that car anyway...I wouldn't be surprised if it has more extensive rust problems than you think.
  12. How far is it from home??? MAybe some local stagnetter has a trailer you can borrow, maybe ibn trade for some parts....??

    I would say part it out, OR look for a local car with bad motor but OK body and transfer stuff over....
  13. damn dude that sucks. You could get her fixed though. rent a U-haul and take her home. or maybe see if you cant get her done locally. I am sure you can find a way.
    My car is a Washington car also and this worries me. If only I had the money to do a proper anti rust on it.

    I wouldnt junk it unless you absolutely had to. even putting it in the paper would be a better choice.

    good luck,
  14. yea ive seen some of the rust on this thing, I didnt know the the chassis was that bad tho. the hatch is pretty bad under the latch, theres other places too.
    i dont know if its worth it to try and save it or not...
  15. easy fix for a good body man
  16. Whats rust?

    I love living in texas!
    never had a rusty car.
    sorry dont mean to rub it in.
  17. put it in the paper before you give it to the junk yard, a mustang is always easy to sell for parts no matter what is wrong with it, even if u get $100, thats better then just giving it to the junk yard
  18. jesus my 84 isent near that but it does have some underbody rust but DAYM!.

    still sellin it for 500$ chassie with harness still there and a 351W goes with it.
  19. junkyard will give me 100 for it right now. so id have to get at least a hundred more to be worth it. i want to take it home and have it parted out, but it will cost at least 100-150 dollars to get it towed home.

  20. how uch is a u-haul trailer?