so i think its junk

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  1. not quite sure, 70 bucks for the trailer and im sure they charge by the mile, its about 60 miles to my house. so i really dont know, havent looked into it.
  2. I dont remember it being to bad. hard for them to charge by the mile, unless you drop the trailer off at the end destination.
    I am sure there is a good solution, there always is.
    I vote for putting it in the papers, someone may want it. maybe a drag racer that will not even use the original frame!. . .

  3. It could be fixed. Just rig the axle and arm in place with vice grips, two by fours, chain or straps, or a couple of temporary pieces of metal strap and hose clamps, and drive it home. Try a two by four with some exhaust clamps, on to hold the axle at the rear, and one to hold the two by four to the transmission crossmember or something. May dogtrack a bit, but it'll get there.

    Easiest fix, if there is way more rust, is just get another body shell and transfer your good stuff to it. They should be easy to find. And since you already have one with a good title, you can use a much wider variety of available bodies. Theft recovery, divorce sales, brother in law left town, etc, or someones leftover parts car.

    I drove a 65 Econoline truck for years with hoseclamps holding the rear spring shackles to piece of steel angle across the bed where the frame used to be.....We put firewood between the axle and the frame before that for temporary use.
  4. lol, wow! never thought I would hear that.
  5. haha thats great, i dont think i could take a risk of going very far like that tho.
  6. if you can map out a backroad route for those 60 miles then just get up super early on a sunday morning with a buddy and drive it slowly at that time.

    Hell, if it comes down to it. you can always pull the car with a strap if you have to be that ghetto about it.
  7. Ok I know I'm way late on this but.....Dayum :jaw: Just when I thought I've seen it all..... Dude best of luck with what ever You've done or going to do about it.