So I wanna come back from the dark side

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  1. I wanna go back to a fox. The camaro kicks major ass but, it's just not me. PLus it's kinda like pouring gasoline out of a bucket. My stang needs a valve job. I've convinced myself of that. so it obviously is time for a turbo swap. Any Florida folks with a good word for me? I have time and slight amounts of money/time, so is it at all reasonable to rebuild the engine I have? I want to port the head before I get the valve job done, so that takes care of the head. I wanna have a nice plush safty cusion for ping so forged pistons are a must. what about manifolds et.? The car is just sitting in the driveway, and I want a funementaly new engine. So what so you think?

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  2. How bout some details, what exactly do you have is it n/a or turbo'd ...what year , what you want ect ill i got outa that was "chevy blows" ;)
  3. oops thanks. It's a '89 n/a with speed density engine mismanagment. I was mostly just wondering if anyone has turbo'd a regular engine succesfuly and relibly over a fairly long period of time. Or is a Junkyard engine definitly the best way to go. It was a stupid question mostly trying to say what you got out of it.
  4. I believe Bhuff is the man to talk to if you want info on turboing a 2.3n/a. He managed to do it for awhile, but ran fairly low boost, and in the end detonated and melted a piston(atleasts thats my take on the story...ask him for the details). The general concenous is to pull a decent turbo motor, either pic one from the j/y, or shop around town for a cheap merkur or tc in running order. Either way i would recomend taking your time and rebuilding it from the bottom up...unless its been baby'd and has 5k on the motor. Atleast your car now is one of the easier swap vehicles with the speed density and what not. :nice:

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  5. you definatly want to go with a turbo engine. it is far easier.
    Yes, I had a turbo on my NA for a while. I used a turbo computer and ran very little base timing. For a while, I ran 9psi with absolutly no problems, then I started playing with boost and got 15psi of boost (not much timing!). Then, while having fun up an onramp, the vacume hose popped off the FPR which made the fuel pressure drop by 15 psi. That resulted in the compression rings breaking in the #2 cylinder. It must have detonated, but i never heard it. If I had a turbo engine, nothing would have happen.