So I wanted to get some 17" tires and wheels for my V6, but FORD guy said I couldn't.

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  1. So I went to Tedd Britt FORD and the guy stated that with a non GT 2000 Mustang, I would have tire problems at different acceleration speeds with 17" tires with my stang.

    Is this true? i never heard of this :(

    I wanted to get 17" with Cobra chrome rims. Guess they didn't want my money
  2. That guy is smoking something. I think he justs want you to buy a new car
  3. Tire Problems???

    What the crap does that have to do with your engine???

    Acceleration Speeds???

    What are "acceleration speeds?" That is a blatant massacre of the terms of Physics. It is the equivalent of a GT V6.

    Basically, he is an idiot. Keep the overall tire diameter near the same and you will be fine.
  4. Man, how many people on these forums have 17's or 18's at that on their mustang?

    Go somewhere else and buy them. There are plenty of websites that you can get them from... :nice:
  5. i hate people that have no idea what they're talking about and try to make it sound like they know what they're talking about.

    thats some horrible advise.

    ok, here is the deal

    what he said is only true when you get a 17" wheel with the wrong tire size. for example if you got something stupid like a
    your overall wheel diameter would decrease. therefore giving you more rotations in a shorter amount of time, thus altering your speedometer and odometer readings. it does not necessarily affect your "accelleration"

    the ideal tire size for our car is
    245/45/17, which is the stock size that comes on all GT's.
    fitting issues are not a problem as long as your offsets and widths are within specs. 17x8-9 should be fine.

    i am not going to lie to you tho. it is a fact that switching from our stock tire size to the 17" wheel with 245/45/17 tires will still decrease overall wheel diamter. BUT, the difference is caulcated to be within 1-2%, which is miniscule. the affects would be unnoticeable. however if you're picky, you can recalibrate this with a speedcal unit, which is what you must get after changing gear ratios.
  6. i like monkeys, with mustangs
  7. gear ratios above a 3.73 on pre99's...on newer one's you have to have it on all of them...
  8. go pee on him
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  10. do 245/45/17 tires really fit on 17x8 and 17x9 rims? if thats so then that good news for me since my 17's arent in very good condition from the previous owner(just messed up the finish) so if i wanted to get new ones but they were a different width then i could use the same tires i have right now(lol the dude put BFG g-force t/a kdw's on the back, they have a Y rating for upto 170mph. i think he spent way too much on those tires for a car that is limited at 115)
  11. Maybe he meant they can't be 17" wide

    That guy is an idiot, and he should be told so. I hate people that are that dumb... :chair:
  12. 17s oh yeah!

    About 2 years ago I swapped a bathtub for a set of stock 95 GT 17s. Put them on my
    95 V6 Mustang and have had no problems...NONE...ZERO...NADA!!!
    They are easier to keep clean than the old ones too.
    Stock size Goodyear tires too.
    Bruce (TX)
  13. yeah man. 245/45/17 is exactly for 17x8-9 inch applications.
  14. The only acceleration problems you might have would be due to rotational mass. The larger the rims, supposedly, the harder it is for your car to accelerate. But I wouldn't think it would make that much of a difference from stock.

    And yes, go drop some nice big stinking steamies on the hoods of his cars in the lot!
  15. lol you should recommend to the man above him that he should be fired and excorted off the lot.
  16. :bs:

    Nothing worse than a moron who thinks he is a rocket scientist cuz he works for FORD. Tell the idiot to get off the crack pipe.

    He does NEED to get fired and escorted out.

    With proper backspacing and offset, u can fit up to 17 x 12" wheels back there. We 94 to present stangs have that luxury. Just keep in mind that you have a six so do not expect a quick off the line start compared to your stock 15 x 6" or 15 x 7" alloy or steel wheels. Another term for this phenomena is called "rolling resistance" but it will surely make your car look aggresive. I run 17 x 10.5" in the back of my heavy ass vert and I can still chirp the mambo meats I got mounted on them. :nice:
  17. I have 17's on my sons, and it came with 18s. works fine. go with 245/45 just like the GT and you will be fine.

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  18. Fire that guy, please.
  19. SO long as you have the same rolling diameter, you're set. Ted Britt ford guys are idiots. Especially the fairfax ones.
  20. buy 17 by 8 rims (oem gt size) with 245/45/17 tires and your good to go.