So I'm Watching Armageddon..,

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    I guess the space shuttles powered by a blown 302
  2. They had to put something big , shiny and phallic there to get Ben to look that way?
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  3. Fixed
  4. I touched my 1st va jayjay during Armagedon on VHS. "Don't wanna close my eyes!"
  5. That poor dog will never be the same. :nonono:
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  6. Are you trying to say that they're not??? :scratch:

    No damned wonder you commit blaspheme! :D

    OF COURSE they're used to power the space shuttle! What else would they use??? :shrug:

    (holy chit BTW... I spelled blaspheme correctly the first time. :banana: I had to spell it wrong again, on purpose to make sure my spellchecker was working correctly (true story))

    Oh and... They sure do have some nice stuff just lying around the movie prop room.
  7. Is she efi you think?
    Ps: congrats on blasphemy
  8. If the twin screw blower is any indication, they yes, it is EFI
  9. Did you overlook the "crank" in Bens hand?
  10. I watch that movie every time it's on just so I can find weird stuff about it.

    Jimmy from the movie Roadhouse who gets his throat ripped out by Patrick Swayze is the pilot of the Freedom that blows up during the fuel refilling scene.

    The Nuclear warhead clock is under a minute and running while Bruce Willis is doing a speech with Sharp about hitting the depth. In the fastest dismantle of nuclear bomb ever they cut a blue wire which disables the timer. Got that from Speed I guess.

    AJ (Ben Affleck) is in whatever off road vehicle NASA built with skull shift knob shoots his way out of the space shuttle. The shuttle sheet metal / skin is thinner than a soda can. My 9 year old caught that one.

    Bear- Became the miracle maker in Green Mile, he died in real life.

    AJ- Is now Batman.

    Owen Wilson- became Lightening McQueen.

    Steve Bueshimi- Didn't payback the $100,000 grand he borrowed nor married Molly Mounds. He do go one to win numerous awards for Boardwalk Empire.

    Bruce Willis- Did not die in this movie even though he saved the World. Die Hard, Die Harder, Die Hard Later, he should be the Terminator.
  11. I did miss that but notice how gingerly and soft his touch is on that, he's had lots of practice. More trivia, thats not really a big secret anymore, Buscemi use to be on FDNY before hitting the big time acting and worked took shifts with one of the engine companies after 9/11
  12. Weren't the drills powered by the IC engines? I only assume this because they shift and downshift the drills like a car.

    How they fuel and supply o2 to an IC engine in space is beyond me, but the movie is full of technical inaccuracies