So it has begun ( turbo build up )

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 10secgoal, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. The bottle is now off, and the relocation of many things has started. I took the starter soleniod, battery cable, starter cable, and all the wiring that hooks to it on the inner fender. I had to relocate the oil filter and oil sending unit. They come very close with the stock manifolds facing forward and down. I could have used the 90 deg adapter to face the oil filter straight down. But the filter relocation kit, well, just has a coolness factor. And I can use the extra "OUT" port the feed the turbo and sending unit. That way I can plug the block, and have the oil feed for the turbo filtered right before it goes into the turbo. Also off now is my brand new 3in X-pipe and mufflers. Oh well, the price of speed. Pics soon.
  2. I dont see pictures ANYWHERE!!
  3. :D
    Hopefully 12sec67 will come over tomorrow
  4. I'm really interested in this build up as well. Take lots of progressive pics and what parts you used and how you used them....sounds great. Can't wait to see the performance end of it. :nice:
  5. Are you going to use a small turbine turbo or a large one?
  6. Are you going to use twins or a big single? What engine? What car?

    A Holset HX55 would probably get you into the nines once with a 302 before the block split. A Garrett TV8101 seems to be the hot setup for ~350ci engines.

  7. should of told me yesterday when i brought over the drill :bang:

    i can probably come over later, call me when you get home and remind me to bring the camera...

    JACKA$$ :rlaugh:
  8. MP t70, p trim, .96ar exhaust.
  9. he is using a single turba and plans on running about 15lbs of boost thru his set up in his 67 coupe (roller 307 with AFR's) that already runs mid 7's in the 1/8 :hail2:
  10. i'm assuming he's going to reduce compression right? 15 lbs of boost + a high CR (like I expect his motor has) = small mushroom cloud on the middle of the track.
  11. I'm pretty sure he already has the CR to run boost.

    We need pics, stat! :D

  12. assumptions :nono:

    he is only running 9:1, early style 28 oz crank, forged pistons and rods in a newer .040 over roller block.
  13. The CR is realistically about 9.3, but that is not including the over bore, from the first compression ring, to the top of the piston, and a rough guestimate of 2 cc for the valve reliefs. So it may be lower. I don't plan to run 15 lbs. 12sec67 is high !! I think the block will split at about 12-13 psi. It is going to be the .96 housing like Brian said. Little big, but I want 18+ psi on the next motor. I bought a EV composite hat as kinda of a boost limiter for me. It is rated to 8-10 psi. So hope fully it will split any higher than that so I can't get greedy.I am going to drag him over tonight to finish what I started tonight, and should have pics later tonight.
  14. I thought about a twin setup, but the expense, and lack of room kinda ruled that out. I really thought about a holset, and would definetly work, but wanto to get stupid like I said with the next one. Plus i couldn't justify spending that kinda money one a used turbo, that wasn't perfect for the car. And garrett, just too expensive. Got mine on a group buy deal. To my door was 610 or 625 I think, with the housing.
  15. Cool. I look forward to seeing results. Two-piece 302s are real conversation starters. :nice:
  16. Did i mistake you or did you say 18lbs of boost in your next block? If you can more power to you. :cheers: :hail2:
  17. Sure. I could do it on this motor..... for a few seconds. But the next one is a 4 bolt main 302 stroker, or 351w. dunno yet. Those blocks are expensive, but so is changing all the needed components of the 351w gear.
  18. 18 lbs of boost would a little more than double your hp wouldnt it?..thats insanely awesome
  19. That depends on the temperature of the air. If the air is heated 200* above ambient it will not be as dense as 18#s at or near ambient. There is a nice calculation for that, but I don't have it handy.