So it has begun ( turbo build up )

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  1. He's too busy out shredding tires now. :eek:
  2. Not slacked off as much as waiting for parts. I just dropped another frigging $550 on parts. Intercooler hose (130), muffler (37.50), LM-1 A/F logger(349.50), and the belt tensioner which of course everyone makes in chrome moly (34). And I haven't paid for the intercooler yet. I he is starting to piss me off a little with this. I have the hoses, and a nice hole in the core support waiting for it. I will need to get more pics. But nuthin' has changed much yet. I did tack the exhuast, and when I get the muffler I will cut out the pipe where the muffler goes. I have one more major purchase to make (BOV). I need to find a new home for my oil filter,tranny cooler, and MSD, then wire everything back up.
  3. that's the worst part of the project. about all i have left is wiring and rear brakes, then it's time to fire it up.
  4. DUde. I can't wait to see yours man. How many lbs do you think you are going to get with out the IC ?
  5. race gas = 20psi. :D
    if that doesn't work, i have a alky injection kit sitting on the shelf.
  6. I relly, really thought about that. But, I drive it on the street too much for RG. And with 9.3-1, I wanted to be able to run full boost, all the time and not worry. And not worry about the injection kit kicking off for some stupid reason at WOT. And I have never used RG, and really don't want to have to rely on it, OR get addicted to it. :D I just like, drive it there, drive it back. I don't think it's going to take RG to spli this block anyways. :nonono:
  7. i got 110 race gas for $3.50/gal (55gal drum). with the price of premium being so high, it doesn't make sense for me to dick around with crappy, unpredictable pump gas. for a little more, i'll run full boogie with race gas. i will drive mine on the street often also.
  8. OK. Here are some more pics. Exhuast is basically done. The 4in tube by the back of the fire wall is the muffler. Tight fit, but I wanted it longer to try to keep others bleeding ears to a minimum, and keep my sanity. The bung is welded in there for LM-1 afr meter. The oil drain is run. I just put another bulk head fitting in the pan, 10 an. the tranny pan is in, so that is next, along with the intercooler. I just took it home after it was tacked, and it is BIG. But done right. I need to do a bit of trimming :lol: , some of it to include moving the bumps stops for the hood. Oh boy. Wastegate flange is done, with pics to come. As soon as the IC is finished, I can finish the cold side. And find where the hell I am going to mount this multimeter of a guage.I am trying out the guages right now. i like the way Edberts came out. This seemed MUCH easier. I lik ethe stock look of the autometers silver casing. So Iif it works out, I will paint them in brushed aluminum. But if not, Edberts look great.Q's ???
  9. is the upper radiator hose going to hit the exhaust? It looks kinda close, might just be the angle though.
  10. It'll be a little close. But am am just going to wrap it with some fuel line wrap. Extremely heat retardant. It is for funny/top fuel cars, with like 20 an line.

    Oh yeah, the tach wil be different when the time comes to do it for real. I am not going to cut up the cluster to fit the shift light setting.
  11. Where is the exhaust going after it leaves the motor compartment? Got pics of the ic?
  12. exhaust is exiting behind the front passenger side tire! :hail2:
    also, there are more pics on the way....
  13. I got the IC today. Done FINALLY!!!! It's gargantua. I measured twice, and cam eup with my measurements. They were right, kinda. I firgured I had 31in, and I do. I just have to tilt the thing a little farther than I thought, which effectively makes the whole thing wider, corner to corner. But I'll make it fit. I always do.
    12secgoal thinks it's going to look retarded tilted. But I thinks it's going to look cool as hell. Doesn't really matter. Most will only see the tail lights, teh. :rlaugh:

  14. :lol: NOT 12secgoal...... 12sec67 jackas$ :nono:
  15. Here are the other pics. The IC like I said didn't quite fit the way I wanted. But I am going to make it work. It is run alot like a fox body intercooler if you have ever seen it done before. Looks like I did it on purpose, or like I knew what I was doing. I got lucky :owned: . Measure twice didn't really work here. Did it a few times. What really threw everything off was radius of the silicone 90 deg bends. Taking as long as it did to straighten out pushed the IC farther to the left, leaving no room for the outlet to enter the engine bay. For the record, if you want to have the room to do what I wanted, keep it down to 26-27in wide instead of 31in. This will give you plenty room for the sweep of the 90 deg bend in the hose. 9-12 lbs for me on pump gas baby. :banana: