So it has begun ( turbo build up )

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  1. hey dustin, looks like your almost done...

    i'm starting to get scared :eek: :jaw: :puke:


  2. I still have a long freakin' way to go. All I have to do is tie in the rest of the cold side, and the large stuff is done. Then all the tiny things.
  3. Hows your project coming along Dustin?
  4. MMMM. things are almost wired now. the oil filter has finally found a permanent home. The oil feed is run. Wired up most of the car. Water pump, fuel,and all the other junk. Ran 10 guage wire to the fan this time. Relays are done. Still kinda looking for a home for the tranny cooler though. I was just waiting until I had picks. We had the camera at the house ready to take pics, but decided to hold off since most of it was disassembled again for the wiring and smaller stuff. Have made a ton of progress since the last post, just didn't see a sense in posting without pics. Lately I have thinking, I may just get this finished one of these days. I need to sell my my "Spare" eagle rims and tires. I found a killer deal on an A4 block for 500 bucks. The cold side is done though, I am just waiting on my BOV to get here.
  5. Well, here they are. Wiring is close to complete. Jusst make a few more connections and loom it up to make 'er look pretty.The tranny cooler as you can see is under the fuel cell. Have to take it out when some retard drilled a pilot hole in it :rolleyes: . Still gotta run the tranny line and wiring for the cooler. And waiting on the BOV to clamp on the cold side. The alt. and bracket are working great. The wrap is good enough I can't pull on the bely and get it to turn at all. And it doesn't look like it, but the oil filter does come off. Hat to shorten the stud for the filter up a little, but it does come off. :banana:
  6. where did you get the base(black elbow on top of carb) for the air intake.?
  7. I got it used for like 30 bucks in the classified section on Can find them when guys upgrade to the metal ones. These are only good for 10-12 psi. It's an extreme velocity hat. I am ashamed to say I forget who makes it. If you search a little on that website you can find the name and where to get them.
  8. that is pimp you should start making kits i would buy one immediately!
  9. I just noticed something that might cause you a bit of trouble. Not sure because I cant see everythign in the bay, but is your turbo fixed solidly to one bank of the engine as well as being fixed to the engine bay sheet metal? If so you may need to remove one of the solid links as the engine will move relative to the enginebay.

    You probably already know this but just thought I'd mention it.
  10. I don't want the problem with the exhuast or headers cracking from all that weight hanging soley from the tubing. I'm going to make solid motor mounts out of the stock rubber units and see what happens. The turbo is actually only solidly fixed to the firewall.
  11. No pictures for now as all the things I did yesterday aren't really picture worthy. I finished the wiring and loomed it in aluminum shielding. Cell is back in. The oil return line is re-attached. Idler arm is retightened. Tranny cooler is DONE, finally to include cooling lines. Fuel return is buttoned up, and not hanging anymore. JUst need to find a BOV. Think I am going with a Tial 50mm, nice and quite.
  12. Went to fire it today. Went to anyways. The MSD is prollay fried and I have no idea why. was working fine when I put her down a few months ago. The switch lead has power to it, and the batt cable is run to a block of power. And the neg goes to a common ground. Eveything else goes to the same two points for the ground and pos. And everything else is working. I tried jump the magnetic leads and nothin. But I have to go to dinner right now because it's my anniversary. So I can't change boxes or anything tonight. Somebody drown my sorrows for my while I get drug out to dinner. :cheers:
    I couldn't have even reved it up yet. I I just wanted to hear it run. I don't have my BOV yet, so the coldside isn't altogether and I don't want to over spin the turbo. But the company I bought the BOV from told me it would go out last tues, because I ordered it on that monday. Here it is the following Monday, and they just "F"ing sent it out. Gotta love internet companies. I called this company because they were supposed to have a good rep. They made the sticker to ship out on Wed of last week, but they said the UPS didn't show up until today. Why didn't they call them for those otherdays rather than waiting ? :bang: So close, and this small sh!!t is really starting to irritate.
  13. IT LIVES !!!!! Well, kinda. Still haven't got my BOV. Which just pisses me off to no end. The thinghas a hard time idling. But I'll check the wires, and re-gap. seems almost like a vacuum leak. We'll see. It was a little late and dark to try to do much. The idle mixture screws for some reason were way to far out. The box ended up being fine. It's just a bad ground or pos. lead. I just hooked the jumpers straight to the + side of the soleniod and straight to where I have the box grounded. But, I won. So far, I got to hear it start. Now I definetly have the motivation to keep going.