so ive got this neon for free. and it wont start. lol

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  1. this **** gets more comical everytime i work on the dam thing.

    so ive had this car for about 3 months and havnt really done much with it. my buddy needed it out of his driveway and gave it to me cuz he couldnt get it running, and it needs a starter.

    well first off it wouldnt crank. ok check the fuses and such, turns out the park/neutral switch was disconnected. plugged it in and it cranks but it will only start for about a half second every once in a while. check the spark and signal to the injectors. it doesnt get spark. so i check the coils resistance and such. i see no reason for it to not fire a spark unless the crank sensor is f-ed up. i get down by the crank sensor and pull it out. it seems ok. and i tell my buddy to try cranking it after i put the sensor back in. the headlights illuminate while its cranking!! im dumbfounded. so i checked the headlights and the connector is all melty. but its gets worse. when i unplugged the headlight it wouldnt crank!! so i plugged it back in and it cranked!!. so i go and mess with the headlight switch to see if the lights work properly, and they dont. when i turned the left blinker on in the running light setting the fuel pump switches on and off at the same rate as the blinker. and with the headlight switch in the on position it wont crank.

    f-in dodge.

    so we start cutting into the wire harness and only got about half way thru it and found a couple rotted out wires, like they had that green stuff that accumulates on the battery post all...all thru the wire for like 15 inches. got those repaired and it still does the same thing. i dont even know where to begin with this thing. im about to part it out.
  2. Are you looking for help with it? Or is this just a rant?
  3. little bit of both
  4. ummm its a dodge..... haha. find aliate x and ask him. he has a neon.
  5. try posting on a neon forum to see if anyone has heard of this problem before? good luck with it!
  6. I'll move this to other tech and see if they can help.