So Many Lurkers!!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 97v6Silver, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. ok i noticed lately that on threads theres only like 10-20 replies and 70-80 views there should be a 1:2 ratio at least if not just above a 1:1 now all you people that are just reading the threads and not posting... u = teh suck!! now post or leave gawt dash it! :fuss:
  2. I would laugh, SO HARD, if this thread got not a single more post
    so, i am calling for everyone to just read these two posts, and refrain from posting! thanx! :owned:
  3. they'll never do it you infedel!
  4. i have my trust in them that they WOULD do such a thing! :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    :nice: no hard feelinz
  5. u = teh sukz... now go away before i get ganny to have manly butt sechz wiff you! :fuss:
  6. i wouldnt post...but then again...i always post...on every post i read pretty it looks like "97v6silver = 1ne m0r teh w1n" on this one
  7. woot meh = teh win! :jester:
  8. I lurk on these forums more than anywhere else, only because my knowledge of motor vehicles is horrid... I'm getting there, but it's not good enough to start posting replies!

    But I'm good in gaming and my forums! :shrug:
  9. you don't havfta talk about cars like this thread for instance has absolutely nothing to do with cars, not all threads in the talk section hafta be about cars hence the name "talk"
  10. yea but posting on here doesn't get ur post count up either...
  11. Don't complecate things, this is made for talking and asking questions. Just scan through the threads and respond to the ones you like :nice: Don't be afraid to ask questions/respond, because cause you may not be the only one wondering the same thing.
  12. !$#^@&#$^%% ghostey loses again, i had you running for 25 hours
    thats a good enough victory for me, But noo, it couldnt be complete, ganny has to come and ruin everything... lol yay lurkers!? :D
  13. i lurk but thats ok.....
  14. so what if it don't count to your posts you can still talk about video games, movies, life problems other things besides cars in here...
  15. Now I feel guilty for viewing and not posting here.

    So here's my post. :)
  16. your hawt!!!! :worship:

    thanks for helping my my dream come true (for more people to post in the 6 forums)
  17. welcome
  18. Subscribing....
  19. Glad you desided to post...O and happy late B-Day :D