So Many Lurkers!!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 97v6Silver, Jul 22, 2004.

  2. altho i heard BAB dooz like teh man sechez! :D
  3. :rlaugh:
  4. i always get owned about my name...

    I am a guy with a penis.

    Me = teh owned
  5. I've gotta say that's the first time I've ever seen this posted on here.

    Count me in too........I've got one. :) And the ladies LOVE it
  6. I dunno which is better for a surname...I'm smarter then the average bear or. I'm a guy with a penis. :rlaugh:
  7. I'm a man with a fairly good sized penis... :shrug: since we're talking about our peni...

    tho hows about a subject change... ermm GO AWAY YOU STUPID LURKERS!!! :fuss:

  8. Thank you. :nice:
  9. ahah nice subject change...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL... i dunno your name but i'm gonna assumme it's Angel because your so beatiful... :nice:

  10. what is this, a singles bar?? :shrug:

  11. I'm not trying to change the subject, but thanks for the compliment. By the way my name is Paula. I know it's not the best name in the world. Blame my parents.

    I wish my husband would call me angel, sounds sweet.

    Sorry if I changed the subject. :(
  12. lol, 97v6silver = :owned:
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  13. ehh i knew she was married i hang out in the 4.6 forums a lil bit...
  14. that i do, but i got to keep all my IQ this time, thanx!
  15. not so fyast mr don't make no less IQ!?

    ME AM DE W!N cus i an teh best evah and your are teh looz cus you know noithing about thingz so thar for you are the looz more smarter!

  16. yup. He knows that I'm married.
  17. Thank God married people don't EVER cheat on their loved ones either :rolleyes:
  18. wtf dooz that have to do with anything :scratch:

    +5 iq for meh!

  19. never cheated and don't plan to. :)