Engine So Many Throttle Body Choices!

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  1. So I already made up my mind on sticking with the 94-95 throttle body setup and the size of the throttle body. What I can't decide on is what brand throttle body to get. If I can help it, I try to get American made parts for my car since it is an American made beast. So edelbrock would be my first choice but the price is just about 300 bucks. The other two brands is summit which is about 150. Third choice would be stack racing. I'm not sure how new they are to mustang performance but I just started seeing them on American muscle. Why can't accufab make throttle bodies for our cars? I'm on three different sites ready to push the checkout button before I go to bed...pls help!
  2. Someones going to disagree with me i'm sure....

    But... Start scrounging up parts to do a Fox throttlebody swap. It will make life easier down the road and uncongest things on that side of the motor.

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  3. I have a Summit Racing 75mm TB and it's a very high quality item. Great value for money.
  4. Love my Accufab, top quality, billet consruction. You won't find any better. Gotta swap overto the fox style set up if you want one though.
  5. I'm sure I will swap over to the fox setup one day but the summers are short here in alaska I have about one more week until all the snow is gone and I'm on the road. Bullitt95, how's the throttle response in stop and go traffic? And no offense but 75mm isn't too big?
  6. 75mm is cool. EFI does not have quite the same response issues with a large throttle as a carb'd vehicle.

    I can say that I just swapped my son's 94 over to Fox induction, and he got a Stack Racing 75mm TB on sale for $117 shipped, and it was a great piece IMO. It was a Fox part though, but I would assume their SN TBs would be good as well if the Foxes are.

    For that price, the TB was polished, totally adjustable, with nice mechanisms at the TPS and throttle plate adjustments.
    Not much to a TB beyond that.

    I have never had an aftermarket TB...
    Can anyone tell me if all aftermarket TBs have adjustable TPS mounts?
    The Stack Racing TB has a rotating TPS mounting surface for adjustment, and I thought that was cool as heck... but after thinking about it, I have no idea if they all have this feature, or if the SR was unique. ???