SN95 So My Car Does This Weird Thing...

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  1. okay so if im at a red light and i put my car into nuetral and take my foot off the clutch. then when its time to shift into first ill push the clutch down and its very hard to get it into any gear it just wont shift into gear. only happens if i depress clutch in nuetral.

    there is a pro 50 comp short shifter installed also
  2. How old is the clutch cable. How far from the floor does the clutch engage.
  3. it starts to take off probably an inch off of the ground. also i figured it was the cable so I installed a new one with adjustable end. i noticed the clutch fork also has play back and fourth is that normal?
  4. i tried to attach a video but that is the link there guys anyone out there please help lol
  5. The clutch fork should move around a bit with no cable attached...