So someone decided to copy our idea for an E-brake handle

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  1. 1) Why dont you just push hard on advertising and exposure? The only reason I knew about your product was through the forum, but it might be good to it into more catalogs or magazines. If you try to be in more places than the other guy, then it wont be a fair competition :) Besides, advertising is always a great place to show why the competitor is inferior.

    2) Is the knock-off a cast handle? or do they actually bother to machine it?
    It was always my assumption that yours is made from wrought/billit aluminum

    3) I already have your black handle on my shopping list. Thanks for offering this version.
  2. It's hard to tell if theirs is cast or not. Ours is made from billet, and figure the e-brake mechanism would brake before the handle. We had MP selling them, and now they sell the other handle as well. This is something to us to spend that much money or energy on to sell. The mark up isn't significant enough. This was just something different Rich thought of that we had never seen before. Figured we could make a few bucks as well.
  3. This is a very informative thread as I have an idea for a product I'm testing (not a copy of anyone's as far as I am aware of). I built it out of my own necessity to fit my desired application and other mustang owners have told me they would be interested and I should produce it. Sorry to be ambiguous but this thread tells me not to jump until my ducks are in a row. Nice to see both sides of a discussion.
  4. Yeah, the reason we didn't mention it until it was done. Was in the works for about 4 months before we finished it.
  5. is there a link where I can take a look at these and buy one? I need a more durable handle but want to retain the stock parking brake setup... just don't want it breaking every few years as its been doing.
  6. I really agree with what you are saying here but in all honesty. Look around I don't think they are Trying to drive our neighbors out of business. They are driving us out of business. They offer what the managers and bean counters of corporate America want (Actually Need to stay in business). Our businesses don't get any breaks to keep building it here. Our borders are open, our import levies are pretty much non-existent, and our market is wide open to imported products. We even welcome them because they are cheaper. We live in a trow away society and small portion us reluctantly have to accept it while the rest just think it is great. We as the consumer only have so much control. Our business are forced to remain competitive by outsourcing to the same countries that made the product that was so cheap that they could not remain competitive on the market.

    I agree that I would much rather buy from the guy that came up with the idea in America. But when people have to take pay cuts, miss work, and get layed off because some company in some other country can produce it cheaper (Not better). Then the guy with the better product will not be able to sell any cause the guy that stands behind his morale fortitude of buy American is on the unemployment line or worse yet unemployment has run out.

    Not to mention It really blows my mind how much stuff out there says Made in America that is only about 10% made in America. I used to work for a company that Manipulated the Made in America tag by having some of it assembled in America. We installed a battery, a door, screwed a lid on and tested it.

    We say only the best will do. but when the best costs 10 times as much. How many are willing or able to pay for it?

    Our world is different that it was 20 years ago. Innovation is stammering and does not show signs of recovering very soon.

    Do some looking at Snap-On if you need an example of this. Their Blue Point line. Also look who makes most of the parts for the TOP 3 Auto manufacturers. Oh and by the way Did you know that Honda is made in America!!!
  7. I love that one. They tell you to buy American, but carry blue point. :nonono:
  8. Should I just PM you? I could be missing something (work internet doesn't load the pages right I think) but I don't see an online store/item to buy directly and a few people seem to be PMing you in that thread with their interest.

    Whatever works, not trying to be a bother. Any way you could email me a pic (would be nice to see it before I buy, and like I said work is blocking those pics in the thread you linked)?

    I'll just shoot you a PM heh. Thanks... sounds cool at least :)
  9. I'm guessing I know who.....based on past history!
    Sorry, I know how this story goes, it's unfortunate, but I do believe in Karma, and I do believe that things will come crashing down around the person responsible, it's not the first time he has done this...and I'm sure it wont be the last.
  10. Hey All,
    Will this fit a 67-68? Are the shafts the same size? I realize it's not the correct look for a 67-68, but the handles on the 67-68s are just as crappy as the 65-66. If it'll fit: SOLD TO AN AMERICAN!!!:flag::nice:
  11. There are no sales threads permitted in the Talk/Tech sections of this site. Lets stay on the topic at hand here people, or I'll have to close this down.
  12. TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM What's up dude. Na, not him believe it or not. That's who we thought would steal it though. He will get his though.He's going to cross the wrong person one day. He copied one of Reenmachines ideas this time. But figure it won't be long before he sees this.Gimme a call. I have been trying to contact you, but couldn't remember your damn screen name.
  13. I'll say it again since I wasn’t made clear the first time around….


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